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Re: Getting high

I have a friend who is moving next week and is a big pothead, So I decided to smoke with him yesterday. We both smoked 1 blunt by ourselves (which I consider a lot to me) and I was pretty blown away. When I get really blown away I like to go on and on about rants and whatnot. I just like to say whatever is on my mind and hopefully get great conversations going on. Even though I get relaxed as hell I get energy through my brain at the same time...I guess I don't know. It annoys me when the person you are smoking with does not say much. When I get really high I like to sit down and not do anything besides talk. I don't really like being active in terms of doing stuff but have conversation. This guy wasn't really saying shit to me and was just basically listening to me babal on and on and on and that's when I start to get pissed off a little bit & it ruins the way my mind is running. When I got home I was still high though and I couldn't figure out what the fuck I want to do. So I am sitting in my bead and a bunch of ideas are running through my brain over and over but I can't decide on which one I want to do. Than all of a sudden my brain just stops and I'm not thinking about anything at all. It was a different experience but nothing crazy, just kind of odd different stuff. I smoke casually (once every month or so) and he's the only person I smoke with. I have never paid for weed in my life & I only smoke when he calls me or something. It might be the last time I smoked for a while so it was fun. Just thought I'd share and get your guys thoughts if any of this was different or interesting?
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