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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Review for 619's Oblivion

Right, I told myself I'd keep up with this but I didn't review the first show, so I do apologise. I'll try review all shows from here on out, mate.

And the show kicks off with Jericho, the champ. This promo was great, I thought and it was very characteristic of a heel Jericho. His long winded yet very blunt insults alkways work a charm and he's getting pretty easy heat. I read the backstory and I noticed thaqt both Jericho and Heyman were founding fathers of the company so having Jericho go at Heyman (who I presume is a face?) is an interesting two dynamic. It's only two weeks in and the company seems to be falling apart form the inside, ratings as far as I'm concerned. Meh, the line about ECW was a bit iffy tbh but I see why you did it, with the show being held in the ballroom and whatever, it just seemed awkward. But other than that, the promo did its job - It put over Jericho, continued the rivalry (if you can call it that) between Jericho and Heyman and it sets the tone for the night. Shawn Michaels? I may be a bit out of the loop here after not reading your first show but I'm guessing Y2J cheated HBK out of the title? Anyway, hopefully you don't rush this feud. It's been done twice in real life and I loved it both times and they mesh very well so I hope you have this slowly burn away and have a final conclusion at your first PPV, or whatever. Good job.

@ the arguing between styles and JBL. Very inetresting dynamic you have there and a good choice of commentators even though I hate Styles, lol.

Burchill vs. Crazy and there should be only one winner, really. Burchill is someone I have my eye on in this thread because he just stands out compared to everybody else on your roster. I don't know what it is, but he just jumps off of the screen at me. Glad t see the match end with the Royal Mutiliation as it really does put over Burchill's aggressiveness as well as showing he can end a match any which way he wants. Hopefully its a slow gradual push for Burchill. I was hoping you kept Burchill a man of few words but what he said after the match was good and really put over he confidence (which he can back up). Expecting a debut to an swer the challenge, maybe.

More arguing between Styles and JBL, was to be expected.

Great to see Torrie back as I've always had a soft spot for her :P. But yeah, interested to see where this Christian/Lashley angle goes and with the main event tonight, I expect CC to show up. Just from this one segment I already like your interpretation of Christian - The brains and the sarcasm. It's all very nicely done. Keep it up and you may have the most interesting character on the roster right there!

Oh dear, poor Kenny. I Loled at the Spirit Squad reference and tbh I'm kind of digging this "hottest prospect" dealio. I don't really like Doane as a competitor though, so you're gong to have to do a hell of a lot to convince me he's really worth having on the roster to be more than a midcarder at best. Joe coming in is great, I'm a huge Joe mark so you get points whenever he shows up. Not sure what happened between him and Finaly but the match between Doane and Joe should be decent, I guess. Expecting Finaly to interrupt so that feud can continue and Doane has a successful debut. Make Doane work and I'll be a happy chappy, but don't job Joe out and I'll be even happier.

Top match between Haas/Benjaming and Londrick, top notch and to be honest I wouldn't expect anything less. I hope you develop your tag division as it seems to be a bit thin at the moment but none the less, top match my friend. I'm a bit surprised about Londrick picking up the victory tbh and I'm fully expecting WGTT to bounce back, whether that be next week or even further in the future. Oh nevermind, WGTT won last week, lol that shut me up. Nice to see some respect between the two teams as I prefer both teams face. So a heel tag team in the coming month? Yes please. It needs to be done, as far as I'm concerned.

Paul Wight, hmmm. Interesting. Hopefully you will make him a hell of a lot different to how h is in the WWE or ever has been.

Oh dear, Miz as interviewer? Genius! Straight away taking the piss out of Rey, love it. Rey's responses seemed to, bleh. But I expected that. Gregory Helms as well, never been a huge fan but I can see why people are. Him joing The Miz on the "take the piss out rey" tirade is great, puts both Miz and Helms over. Expecting big things from Helms in this thread, as much as I hate to say it.

Main event time and even though the match wasn't a stechnically sound and gripping as the tag match, it had an interesting dynamic with Christian, as I predicted, playing some role. The constant chittr chatter and distraction of Lashley is a good touch obviously just adding fuel to the fire. Expected RVD to win and him vs. Jericho shall be very good next week, hopefully that gets some hype whether that be an AOW.com type thing or a video package or whatever. Expecting big ghintgs from that match so don't dissapoint.

HBK as special referee? Great. All I can say really, not sure what to expected which is great but other than that I can't really say much!

Overall, it was a great show from top to bottom. All feuds progressed well and the building of characters built just as well. One thing I do have to say is that a lot of things seems so predictable. Not that thats necessarily a bad thing, but some surprises would be nice but I' expecting one next week in the main event so I'm looking forward to that. Sorry if this isn't "feedback" so to speak, still finding my feet when reviewing so bare with me. Keep on going mate because this can, and this will be something special if you stick to it.

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