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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Common sense to open the show with the first ever AOW Champion in Chris Jericho. I like the idea of Jericho standing on a podium, immediately making him and the title look big time. Obviously you did a good job of making the title seem important last week, but this beginning just confirmed itís the main thing in the company, and thatís important. The promo began pretty well, and I preferred this one immediately more than I did Jerichoís promo last week. In my feedback last week I mentioned Jerichoís character seemed a little blurred, although itís obvious heís playing the more serious Jericho role in this thread after this promo. Jericho beginning with cheap heat, before talking himself and the title up was all done well. The crack at Paul Heyman, even mentioning ECW, as well as the transition into insulting Shawn Michaels was all done pretty well to. Not much at all to complain about, and the ending with Shawn Michaels coming from behind was okay. I donít really like the faces coming from behind and attacking the heel though, it has always seemed a little cowardly to me. Either way, a promising start to the show with the best promo of this thread so far.

Nothing but a squash, but it does the job of establishing Paul Burchillís character as a tough SOB. Yes, Crazy and Psicosis can be entertaining jobbers, but they could also be a pretty good tag team. So, Iím really hoping you do something worthwhile with them. Burchillís little promo was fine, and I think putting him in a tag team could be nice. Give him somebody who can actually speak on the microphone, and they can be a vital part of this thread.

Christian Cage interview, much like last week, left me befuddled as to whether heís going to be a heel or a face. Yes. The crowd hated on Lashley last week, but Iím still not sure exactly where this is going. At least this week, it seemed like you made Christian jump the gun on purpose, and hopefully this means he will actually allow Lashley to explain himself.

Ken Doane approaching Heyman, and being extremely cocky was nice. Herymanís little crack about Kenís former cheerleader role in the WWE was nice as well. Samoa Joe making an appearance and wanting a match with Finlay, once again, makes sense. These two going at it next week should be a decent enough match, and it allows you to add more fuel to the fire before Joe and Finlay square off. Smart booking, imo.

I actually like the idea of a rematch between these two teams because they are probably the best youíve got, at the moment. The way the match came about with the WGTT asking for it fits in with the companyís spirit of competition policy as well. This match topped last weeks match, not just in length, but I felt as if the match was written better as well. The offence flowed well throughout, with a lot of nice reversals and what not taking place as well. Obviously it was a smart decision giving The Hooliganz win, meaning these two teams are going to have to meet at least one more time sometime soon. The hand shake followed by the stare down was a nice way to confirm my suspicions of another match.

I still am pretty excited to see this incarnation of Paul ĎThe Greatí Wright.

Much like last week, I enjoyed the arrogance of The Miz on the mic, insulting Mysterio for being short and what not. Mysterioís response was rather generic, but thatís pretty much what I expected. Iím intrigued to see just how you book Mysterio though.

The whole hacked thing is an interesting enough concept, and tbh, I enjoyed this little Helms promo. Picking on Mysterio and Danielson was done pretty well, although Helmsí main two punch lines, the need to eat weight, and the hurtiní coming through both came across as a little lame to me. I like the idea of this Helms character, just hating on everybody, but I think the writing could have been a little better.

Main event time already? I forget that these shows are going to be shorter than the usual episode of Raw and Smackdown. Your first two shows have been rather refreshing to read. Anyway, onto the main event. The opening of this match was actually pretty good, as I felt you were using RVDís flexibility to make Lashley look like he can actually wrestle in the early going. Christian interrupting the match fully confirms that heís going to be the heel in this scenario, and it means that all my criticism regarding his character has been pointless so far. I donít mean to sound disappointed, thatís definitely a good thing. As the match went on, and Christian continued to talk, it lost all momentum. Whilst the offense was still alright, when reading, constantly interrupting the flow of the match was Christian. It works in terms of booking, so I wonít criticize, especially since Iíve done something similar before, but it doesnít sit well with the reader. Anyway, RVD and Jericho going at it should be an epic match. The ending with Christian hitting RVD with the chair was nice to, adding some more intrigue to the whole thing.

The aftermath of the show itself, with Lashley and Van Dam showing a nice amount of respect to each other was good. Itíll finally establish Lashley as a face in this company. Heyman making the match between Jericho and Van Dam for next week means we have another really good main event to look forward to. My only real issue is that thereís no hype work at all being done for this contest. This Jericho/Heyman thing definitely has HEAPS of possibilities from here, so obviously Iím going to predict Jericho retaining next week.

Overall, much like last week, another nice show. The booking was pretty spot on throughout, and the writing was solid as well. You havenít taken to long to find your niche here, tbh, so hereís hoping this is just the beginning of a great thread. Keep it up, mate.

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