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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Feedback

Iím just reading the rather massive video package of all the highlights of last week. Iíll just give some quick comments on whatís taken place, before I get into this weeks show. First of all, it looks like The Big Show has finally broken away from The Corporation. Hurting Shane and requesting Hell in a Cell is all fine, because thereís obviously HEAPS of hatred in this one. Not to sure if JBL and Show have already wrestled each other though. If this is the first match between the two, maybe HIAC isnít the right stipulation. Either way, Iím not looking forward to reading a HIAC match between these two guys. It seems like youíre still playing on the whole Evolution thing as well. Iím not sure if by now this would be getting a little old, as it seems like Evolution has been around forever in this thread. Anyway, Iím not to sure if Randy is a face or a heel, but it seemed like he really had to try to convince Batista to trust him. Maybe heís trying to hard? I could perhaps see something happening there. The idea of Batista and Stephanie in a relationship is fairly cringe worthy, I prey things donít go in that direction. The tag match from last week shows that Orton is willing to play fair for now. I have a feeling once Triple H gets out of the picture, Orton might turn on ĎTista though. No matter what happens, last weeks build towards whatever it was seemed pretty good. Anytime you see Triple H and Undertaker itís going to be a good match, so I was glad to see it main event Raw. DiBiase getting involved, and using his rookie to a huge advantage is all solid booking. Iím intrigued to see DiBiase/íTaker at Survivor Series. Anyway, usually I would just skim all this opening video crap if I read last weekís show, but I didnít, so this served its purpose very well, catching up on arguably the two biggest storylines on Raw.

Iím not to sure how this feud between Carlito and Sheamus started, but itís definitely a feud that has potential for the mid card. I donít know about the faces being scared, and running away though, it doesnít seem all that brave. Maybe Iím missing something here, but I right now I just picture Carlito and his brother as pussies. A little surprised to see you open up with a squash match. I donít think Iíve ever seen you do that before. I only like it if a killer promo follows so I hope for that. Anyway, a squash to simply make Sheamus look more like a beast, which youíre doing a good job of so far. Sheamus calling out ĎLito was fine, actually what I hoped for. at Carlito calling Sheamus Casper. ĎLito trying to goad Sheamus into putting his IC Title on the line was fine. Sheamus accepting, and not trying to duck the challenge just shows how tough he is/thinks he is. Eric Bischoff interrupting makes a lot of sense, although I was fairly shocked for him to announce that they will both be on Team Raw at Survivor Series. I guess it makes them look like he rates them both highly, but is it really smart, picking two guys who hate each other to be on your team? Iím not sure if this makes Bischoff look stupid or not. Sheamus sucking up to finish was nice, although I was a little disappointed to see Carlito not voice his opinion on the matter. Nothing wrong with the promo, but not quite the killer one I was looking for following the squash. Either way, it did the job nicely.

I have no idea who Mia Rain is, although hopefully she can wrestle, because Kelly Kelly certainly canít. This match seemed like another squash, which makes two in a row. Melina watching on makes me believe Rain will be getting the next shot at the Womenís title. The mystery lady is obviously Kong, not just because Iíve already read your news piece, but because it was just obvious. Anyway, Iím interested to see just how Kong fits into things. The one thing I know for sure is that she could definitely give your divas division an interesting spark.

Vince McMahon and JBL being all on the same page makes sense. Nothing wrong with what the two said to each other, although, and I probably have mentioned this before, I canít get over how weird it feels for them to be calling each other father and son. Steph trying to talk some sense into Vince is alright, and also makes Big Show look like a sadistic bastard. The tension between JBL and Steph was portrayed nicely as well. Batista making the save, and then getting a date with Steph is cringe worthy. I canít get over how bad this seems. Relationship storylines always suck. Triple H seeing this and being ticked off makes sense, and at this stage, I hope he kills off Steph with a sledge hammer or something, because this doesnít look all that promising.

You portrayed the cockiness of Zack Ryder, although a few more catchphrases, and what not would be nice. I know it was only a small promo, but the more over bearing this character is, the better it is. I donít like the idea of Leticia completely ignoring Batistaís match tonight, and just talking about Survivor Series. It just doesnít seem right. Whilst you tried to put forth that this match wasnít a squash, and Iíll allow you that leniency, the result was still never in doubt. Thatís three matches that just by looking at the names involved you knew who was going to win. I donít like that. Triple H straight up confronting Batista was different, although I liked it. Batistaís answer was also to be expected. Randy Orton interrupting had to happen, and everything he said seemed solid enough as well. I was really annoyed at the fact nobody else said anything though, with three guys as big as this all in the one feud, I canít help but feel their promos should have more depth than this.

The arrogance of Rhode and Hennig was on full display. Nothing much else to comment on, although this was a decent enough segment to make the match for next week.

I like the idea of a Miz and Michaelís feud. Mizís character is fun, although his in ring wrestling isnít the greatest. But the Survivor Series Elimination match, plus an opponent like Shawn Michaels should be able to cover that up nicely. The Mizís speech was decent enough, although once again, I donít like the lack of mentioning of tonightís opponent. I understand he has a feud with Michaels going, but no mention of his opponent on the night just seems stupid. It really undermines the match, and itís not the first time this has taken place tonight.

Kofi Kingston looking a little more serious than usual makes me think that maybe heís trying to prove himself to Shawn for the match at SS. Finally, we get a competitive match. The offense between the two was solid enough, and the eventual interference followed by Shawn Michaels making the save was booked very well.

So Kingston is on something of a losing streak? There was no mention of this until now, so it was hard for me to realize this. Anyway, Michaels offering Kingston a spot was to be expected, and obviously itíll only be a matter of time before he accepts.

We now get what Iím guessing will be the one big promo tonight. A pretty good promo from DiBiase, basically talking himself up. I also liked how he bragged about how he proved heís not afraid of The Undertaker. Itís all pretty stock standard stuff really, but itís perfect for the feud. I was a little surprised to see him call out The Undertaker after last week. I thought maybe this could have been postponed for at least another week. This big confrontation was done pretty well, with once again, my main issue being that maybe it could have been postponed a week. The chair shot isnít quite as big as the sledge hammer shot from last week either, giving this confrontation a little less effect. Either way, DiBiase looks awesome here, which usually means, the booker is setting up ĎTakerís opponent for a loss.

The Bella Twins picking on Gailís rookie would seem simply weird if nothing comes of it. Nothing to really say about this one, but I expect more to come of this in the coming weeks.

Mystico beating Moore so dominantly last week hypes up this weeks semi final match rather nicely. Your lack of commentary is a little disappointing, as this match probably should have been hyped a little throughout the night. I also think the pairing of Mysterio and Mystico is fairly awesome. This tag team match was pretty damn good. Absolutely no issues, as it was just a momentum shifting contest. Easily the best match of the night so far, and the double count out, was somewhat of a fitting result. I like the idea of this, as along with the tournament, this type of result really shows how competitive your tag team division is. Bischoff making the match at Survivor Series a triple threat one is great, and this tag match at SS has the potential to steal the show.

Curious as to whether or not Survivor Series is going to be in full?

The main event was written pretty well with Gabriel being dominated in the early stages. As usual, the comeback then came, however the match ends in a DQ. I thought the reasoning for the DQ was a little weak though if Iím honest. Besides that being booked a little better, I thought the main event went off without a hitch, as you didnít have Show in the match for to long. JBL and Vince McMahon getting the upper hand on Show is smart booking as well. Show is definitely going to be pissed after being spat on by McMahon. Anyway, the spit makes this a pretty big time way to end the show.

Overall, the show was an okay one. Booking wise there were a few things I found questionable, but a majority of the decisions were solid. In terms of writing, once again, most was solid. I do believe you need to work on giving your promos a little more depth though. You still seem to have a pretty good grasp on where you want everything to go, and everything seems to be leading to something, so Iíll be sure to keep checking in.

Also, the name Queen Kong is alright, differentiating her from TNA, despite the fact sheíll probably be the exact same character.

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