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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

- Just a thing I wrote some time back. Was wondering if it was any good?


- Punk debuted in May 2006 and feuded with a number on former champions before winning the WWE Title for the first time in June 2007. He held for four months before losing it at No Mercy 2007 to Triple H. He regained the title at the 2008 Royal Rumble after pinning Randy Orton in a Triple Threat also including Triple H, causing Orton an injury in the process
- Punk turned heel for the first time after winning the title back at the Royal Rumble
- Punk feuded with Triple H, John Cena and Shawn Michaels through February, March, April, May and June of 2008
- His feud with Sting began in earnest in July 2008

No Mercy 2008;
WWE Championship;
CM Punk © vs. Sting

Ending: Punk, with the crowd booing picks a battered Sting up from the mat and sets him up with the GTS. He holds it for a few seconds, which prove to be his downfall as Sting fights his way off and plants Punk with the SCORPION DEATH DROP!!!! STING COVERS PUNK! 1………2………THR-NO!!! PUNK GETS A SHOULDER UP

Sting can’t believe as he thought he had the title all wrapped up. He picks Punk and sets him for a second Scorpion Death Drop and IT CONNECTS!!!! STING COVERS PUNK AGAIN! 1………2………THRE-NO!!! PUNK GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE OUT OF PURE INSTINCT

Sting, getting frustrated picks Punk up and again and sets him for a third Scropion Death Drop but Punk fights out of it and ducks out of the way as Sting comes steaming towards him, taking the referee clean off his feet. Sting turns and Punk smashes him in the stomach with his baseball bat and lifts Sting and CONNECTS WITH THE GTS!!!! PUNK GOES FOR THE COVER!!!! REFEREE IS OUT!!!

Punk goes over to the referee and tries fruitlessly to wake the fallen official before getting an idea. He walks over to where he dropped Sting’s bat and picks it up again and waits. As Sting gets up the crowd begs him to not turn around but he does DIRECTLY INTO THE PATH OF PUNK’S HOMERUN SWING which sees the bat splinter on contact and Sting collapses to the mat again.

Punk lifts Sting up again and CONNECTS WITH THE SECOND GTS OF THE MATCH!!!! Punk goes over to the referee and drags him towards Sting. Punk then covers Sting AND THE REFEREE BEGINS A SLOW COUNT! 1……………………2…………………THRE-NO!!!!! STING JUST ABOUT GETS HIS RIGHT SHOULDER OFF THE MAT!!

Punk is speechless as Sting seems to be running on fumes now. The Icon gets to his feet and Punk kicks him in the mid-section and SPIKES HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH A DDT!!! SEEMINGLY ENDING STING’S FIGTHBACK. Punk picks Sting up again and sets him up for a THIRD GTS AND CONNECTS!!! THAT’S GOTTA BE IT AS PUNK COVERS STING!!!! 1……….2


THE CROWD BLOWS THIER COLLECTIVE MINDS AS THE MUSIC OF RANDY ORTON, the man injured by CM Punk nine moths ago blares through the arena, shocking Punk out of the pinfall. Punk screams ‘I ended your career’ as Randy Orton appears from the back in a suit. He makes his way down to the ring, distracting Punk from Sting, who is rising to his feet behind Punk.

Punk finally turns around and into a kick to the mid-section from Sting who spins him round and CONNECTS WITH A THIRD SCORPION DEATH DROP!!! STING MAKES THE COVER! 1………2………THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Sting via Pinfall

It all comes down to the match between Chelsea and Man United on Saturday. The winner of that match will go to win the league

I just hope Berbatov can get off his arse and score two like he did against Bolton
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