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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yes Brock and Goldberg are gone. I will not use them now as i want to see how i can do this btb with the talent that was available for that time period. Cena will be one of the main characters in this btb. There was so much potential in 2004 and the WWE could have done such an amazing job for Smackdown but it just fell flat. Raw however was awesome. My aim is to make Raw just as good or even better. Smackdown will definetely be better than it actually was for that time period. I remember the horrible Smackdown ppvs post WM20 in 2004 with so many horrible filler matches. Raw was loaded with star power and the rosters should have been evenly balanced. I've decided not to do the draft right away. The WWE did it because Smackdown took a major hit but i think i can do a very good job without doing a draft. I believe that even without a draft(which will take place most likely in June or July) i can make this better than Smackdown actually was with the new draft picks they received. There were so many awesome matches that they could have done in 2004 but they didn't. I will have loads of great ppv matches for this btb, Benoit/Michaels is a start as they did not have a one on one match at a ppv. Anyway hope you guys enjoy the shows.

*I added a change in the backstory. I decided not to go with a long term storyline of who attacked Edge. So in the backstory i mentioned that Kurt Angle was the attacker. I did some research and found out that in real life Edge and Angle wrestled on a house show in 2003 a few weeks before No Way Out 2003. That was the match when Edge broke his neck. This was never mentioned on tv, so i thought i may as well include this and mention it. I have other plans for Edge and other stars so i decided to immediately name Edge’s attacker. I want to try to keep to try to keep this realistic for example if a star was injured around that time period then i will try not to use him in a match. If a star made their debut that year for example Carlito then i won’t bring him up to the roster in April. He made his tv debut in October so i will bring him in October.I want to see how this can be improved than how it actually was with the talent that was available. If someone was fired then i will stop using them, an example was Farooq, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar. I am using Rock because he was available till August and in real life he made a few appearances. However he was never injured so he could have made more appearances and that’s why i will use Rock more often in this btb.

WWE News and Notes

- Stone Cold Steve Austin's WWE future is in question at this point. For the past few weeks, WWE has been negotiating a new contract with Steve Austin as he has failed to agree on a new contract. Steve Austin is expected to be on Raw next week. Although no new talks are scheduled between Austin and Vince McMahon but if there is then we'll keep you updated on any progress in this story.

- Officials have wanted to pair Eugene up with Matt Hardy as his Mattitude Follower. Though this may change expect to see Nick Dinsmore debuting under the Eugene character in 3 weeks.

- William Regal will be returning to the WWE in 3 weeks on the Raw brand. He is expected to return in a non wrestling role as he is not cleared to wrestle until June.

-Shawn Michaels is rumoured to have said that he would like a match at King of the Ring against The Rock. Though a possible dream match between Michaels vs The Rock has been discussed but this appears unlikely as neither Rock nor Michaels would agree to job. In the past The Rock has refused to work a program with Shawn Michaels but we will keep you updated if there is any progress in this story. The current plan is that Shawn Michaels could be turning heel soon.

-The reason why The Rock returned to team with Mick Foley at WrestleMania was to work a future program with Randy Orton. A match between Rock vs Randy Orton at King of the Ring or Vengeance has been discussed.

-Rikishi is currently frustrated with his position in the WWE and may consider leaving all together.

-Lance Storm is considering retirement. Storm is currently frustrated with his position in the WWE and it is possible that he may retire at Backlash which takes place in Canada. Storm feels that to retire in his country is the best way to go out on.

-Vince McMahon is very high on the JBL character. Management have been very impressed with JBL's promos ever since becoming JBL.

-The reason why the creative team decided not to have a long term storyline for Edge’s attacker was due to the lack of heels on Smackdown. There are reports that The Big Show and Kurt Angle will be taking time off to rest injuries. This would leave Kane along with newly turned heel JBL as the only top heels on the brand. Currently the top faces on Smackdown are The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Booker T and RVD. Management is considering turning Edge heel in the upcoming months. They feel that they have enough faces already and Booker T has requested to management to turn him heel. This was one of the main reasons why Booker T was moved to Smackdown. Edge is open to the idea of turning heel in the upcoming months.

-A draft is expected to take place in the upcoming months, no news on who will be switching shows but it may be the time you see a member of Evolution being drafted to Smackdown. Management is considering sending either HHH, Batista or Orton to Smackdown, however Ric Flair’s position on Raw is secure.

-For this year’s King of the Ring Tournament expect to see an 8 man elimination tournament taking place. In 2002 only the semi finals took place at the ppv along with the final and this year the WWE has decided to go back to it's original format. Many stars have been rumoured to be possible contenders to become KOTR such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Christian and John Bradshaw Layfield.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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