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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Slammy Awards

WWE.com website lists the following nominations as per the categories. The results will be determined from the votes of WWE Universe and will be announced in an awards ceremony on a special show.

Best Heel:

Alberto Del Rio
John Cena
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho

Best Face:

CM Punk
John Cena
The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels

Best Rising Superstar:

Cody Rhodes
Ezekiel Jackson
Mr. Kennedy
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger

Best Tag Team:

Haas & Benjamin
Chavo & Rey
Kane & Big Show
Carlito & Masters

OMG Moment of the Year:

John Cena revealed as the mysterious Mr. Money-in-the-bank and thus cashing in on The Undertaker to win the WWE Title at Survivor Series
John Cena punting Randy Orton’s head off at Summerslam
Legacy joining forces with Edge at Backlash when Orton RKO’d Punk instead of Edge
Jack Swagger turning on Shawn Michaels and teaming up with JBL & Mr. Kennedy
Rated-R Legacy attacking General Managers Bischoff and Teddy Long in the ring

Match of the Year:

John Cena vs Randy Orton (Summerslam)
John Cena vs Jack Swagger (for spot on Team RAW)
Elimination Chamber Match (Armaggedon)
Team RAW vs Team Smackdown (Survivor Series)
The Undertaker vs Ezekiel Jackson (Summerslam)

Feud of the Year:

John Cena vs The Undertaker
Triple-H vs Alberto Del Rio
John Cena vs Randy Orton
Sheamus vs CM Punk
RVD/MVP vs Chavo/Rey

Comic moment of the Year:

Santino & his disciples invading Smackdown interrupting Ezekiel Jackson and Santino ending up being taken back on four shoulders
Santino being taken from below the ring and then beaten by his disciples at the Battle Royal at Cyber Sunday
Santino announcing the match as a tribute to his disciples and losing within 11 seconds
Santino cheering on the mic in Ryder’s match and coughing loud to distract the referee to make Ryder win his match
MVP & RVD backstage segment with MVP repeating Rob Van Dam’s name and Ron Simmons ending MVP’s ‘Rob Van’ with Damn.

Superstar of the Year:

John Cena
The Undertaker
Wade Barrett
Randy Orton

The results with the awards ceremony will be out before New Year's Revolution. Some categories might be added later but mostly this is to be considered as a comprehensive list until then.

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