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Re: WWE 2004: Road to WrestleMania XX

WWE Smackdown
March 18, 2004

Footage from WrestleMania 20 is shown as The Undertaker makes his return to the WWE and he is back tonight on Smackdown. The announcers welcomed us to the show. Smackdown kicks off with Paul Heyman coming down to the ring and he’s not in a good mood. Heyman grabs the mic and talks about what happened on last week’s show. The Smackdown roster betrayed him last week as they let Stone Cold Steve Austin invade. Stone Cold attacked him (Heyman) and now he doesn’t feel valued anymore. Heyman told the fans that Brock Lesnar is no longer employed in the WWE because he quit following his match at WM. He made Brock into a star. He was the youngest WWE Champion ever. Last week Brock couldn’t even protect him and at WrestleMania he got his ass whooped by Goldberg. Heyman said screw you Brock Lesnar, Smackdown has no place for quitters.

Now of all the people that let him down, he was disappointed in Big Show the most. Two years ago Big Show was having a miserable time on Raw, he was complaining about not being used much. He had no idea how long it’s been since he headlined a ppv. Then Big Show was traded to Smackdown and he became important again. Paul Heyman made him important again. Big Show ended up receiving a title match at the Survivor Series and became champion and that was thanks to Paul Heyman. If it wasn’t for Paul Heyman, Big Show wouldn’t have been the most dominant force on Smackdown. With Big Show and Brock by his side no one could touch him. Then last week Big Show ended up betraying him and he will get his revenge on The Big Show.

Heyman guaranteed to make everyones lives miserable on Smackdown. From now on he will be respected by the locker room otherwise there will be serious consequences. Heyman sets up a tag team match for tonight’s main event. It will be The Big Show and Kane vs Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker. Heyman then talks about other issues. Paul Heyman suggested to Kurt Angle not to appear on Smackdown this week in the interest of public safety. Tonight we will hear from Kurt via satellite and he will explain why he attacked Edge.

Backstage Paul Heyman welcomes RVD and Booker T to Smackdown. Heyman is glad to have them on Smackdown and he believes that Smackdown got a better tag team deal than Raw. Heyman explained to them about how he was betrayed by the Smackdown locker room last week. He hopes RVD and Booker T don’t turn out to be like most of the Smackdown stars that defied him last week. RVD says on Raw he was Mr Monday Night but now he’s Mr Thursday Night. Heyman asked Booker how does the former 5 time world heavyweight champion feels like to be part of Smackdown. Booker tells Heyman that he was upset that they lost the tag belts on Raw but they made up for it by winning the Smackdown titles. He has no problem in being on Smackdown and now that he's on Smackdown, he will prove that he is better off here than he was on Raw.

Match 1
John Cena vs Tajiri

John Cena’s music hits as the new US Champ comes out for his match. Cena pumps up the crowd with a rap. The New Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri comes out with Akio. No title is on the line here. Tajiri and Cena lock up. Cena gets a front headlock and takes Tajiri down with a back suplex. Cena taunts Tajiri and Tajiri kicks away at Cena in the corner. Tajiri takes Cena down with a hurracarana. Tajiri tries a handspring and gets caught by a leg lariat from Cena. Cena charges Tajiri in the corner, but Tajiri applied the Tarantula. Tajiri went for his execution kick but Cena ducked and nailed him with a clothesline. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle and gets 2. Cena goes for a powerbomb which Tajiri counters into a hurracarana for a 2. Big Kick misses and Cena goes for the FU and Tajiri slips out and rolls Cena up for the 2. Tajiri goes for a suplex and Cena slips out and takes Tajiri down with a DDT. Akio gets on the apron and distracts Cena. Tajiri accidently sprays green mist in Akio’s eyes. Tajiri turns around and Cena hits the FU for the win.
Winner: John Cena

Next up the announcers discuss the situation between Kurt Angle and Edge and right now we have Kurt Angle via satellite. Kurt Angle gets booed heavily. Kurt first talks about his match at WrestleMania. Kurt brings up the fact that Eddie Guerrero faked an injury during their match. Eddie cheated to win, he shouldn’t be champion. He deserves a rematch. Kurt says Eddie cannot beat him without cheating. Kurt claims that he was robbed by a Latino Cheat. Kurt then talked about what happened after the match when Edge came down and attacked him. Kurt gives an explanation why he attacked Edge at No Way Out last year.

Angle showed footage of a match that took place between Edge and Angle on a house show. Angle gave Edge a german suplex and Edge hurt his neck bad. He was in a lot of pain. However Edge still decided to continue on with the match and he lost.

Angle said Edge made a huge mistake as he continued on and went ahead to perform in a few matches leading up to No Way Out. Angle knew that Edge was the weak link of Chris Benoit’s team at No Way Out 2003 so he wanted to finish off the job by targeting that weak neck and he did by taking him out at NWO. It would improve Team Angle’s odds in the match but unfortunately they lost but at least he got rid of Edge. It was just team strategy and also payback for what Edge has done to him over the past years. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin had nothing to do with this. Angle showed footage from King of the Ring 2001 when Edge beat him to become King. Angle said he could have made history by winning KOTR for 2 straight years but Edge ruined it. He blames Edge for starting the “you suck chants.”

He’s an Olympic gold medalist, a former KOTR winner, grand slam winner, he’s headlined WrestleMania and yet because of Edge these stupid fans chant you suck. Kurt then talked about one of the biggest humiliating moments of his career when he had his head shaved bald by Edge. He decides not to show footage of that. Edge was also becoming a threat to his title, by taking out Smackdown’s fastest rising star he had one less person to worry about. He didn’t know the result of the injury would be that bad, he expected Edge to be out for a few months but it ended up being more than a year. It was a satisfying moment in his career when he broke Edge’s neck and to tell the truth he’d do it again. Oh it’s true it’s damn true.

Backstage Interview with WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero. Eddie thanks the fans for being behind him from the beginning. Last month he proved that he is worthy of becoming champion and at WrestleMania Eddie proved that he is a better wrestler than Kurt Angle. Eddie sent a message for Kurt that he can get his rematch anytime he wants, he’s ready to give him the match but he warned Kurt that he should worry about his safety. He will do whatever it takes to retain the title. A victory is a victory. He is a fighting champion. Eddie then discussed tonight’s match. He’s faced many guys that are bigger than him and he does not fear Kane or Big Show. Big Show may have beaten him in the past for the US Title but that was the past and this is now. Every obstacle that has been put infront of him he has overcome Oralevato Loco. Eddie wished his friend Chris Benoit luck on Raw. He is very proud of Chris achieving his dream at WrestleMania 20 by becoming the world heavyweight champion. Eddie hoped that whenever they see each other at the next joint brand ppv, they will remain champions of their brands.

Match 2
Tag Team Championship Match
RVD & Booker T (c) vs 2 Cool

This is a good back and forth contest between both teams. Scotty does the moonwalk and is tripped by Booker. Booker pounds on Scotty at the start as he makes quick tags with RVD. RVD connects with the rolling thunder and gets a 2 count. Later in the match Scotty goes for the worm and RVD kicks out. Scotty makes a tag and Rikishi hits a samoan drop on RVD. Rikishi nails RVD with a superkick and gets the 2. Scotty is back in and RVD makes the tag to Booker. Booker drops Scotty with a sidekick. Spineroonie!!! Booker nails Scotty with the axe kick and pins Scotty to win the match.
Winners: RVD & Booker T

Backstage Heyman is on the phone to someone and Rhyno barges into Heyman’s office and complains about not having a match at WrestleMania. Heyman yells at Rhyno telling him that he’s gone soft, he isn’t the man beast anymore, he’s not feared anymore. This is why Heyman never picked him in Team Lesnar at Survivor Series. Rhyno’s an embarrassment and 2 months ago because of Rhyno he had to have his mouth washed out in soap. Is that how far he’s fallen? He scolds Rhyno for not being out there last week to protect him. Heyman said most of his guys have either quit(Lesnar, Nathan Jones) or have betrayed him(Big Show and A-Train) but he says he will give him a chance to redeem himself because although he was not there last week, he didn’t walk out on him. Rhyno told Heyman that if he was there he wouldn’t have walked out on Paul. They go back a long way in ECW and he is always loyal to Paul. Paul tries to motivate Rhyno into becoming the monster that he once was in ECW. Paul wants Rhyno to make an impact tonight.

Match 3
Johnny Nitro vs Shannon Moore

Nitro makes his in ring debut and this was a quick match. Nitro and Moore waste no time trading quick moves. Moore then reverses into a wrist lock which Moore kips-up out of. The two continue trading moves, and Nitro corners Moore. Nitro lands a kick to the mid-section and takes Shannon down with a headscissors. Shannon fights back and takes Nitro down with a tornado DDT. Moore goes for a cross body from the top rope but Nitro moves out the way. Nitro finishes Moore off with a corkscrew neck breaker to win the match.
Winner: Johnny Nitro

Backstage Interview with Rey Mysterio. Rey brings up the fact that at the start of the year his goal was to become cruiserweight champion and he did. His next goal is to move away from the division because he believes he has what it takes to become US or WWE Champion. Cruiserweights can become champions too. He talked about Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho as examples as they worked their way to the top. In WCW they were cruiserweight champions and then in the WWE they won the Intercontinental title and then worked their way to capturing the WWE Title. Now currently Eddie is the WWE champion and Rey hopes to follow in the footsteps of his friend Eddie. He’s won the cruiserweight title and tag team title but he’s never won the US Title. He’s never been WWE Champion. He believes he can beat guys that are bigger than him, in the past he’s had matches with Big Show, Kurt Angle and many other stars and he took them to the limit. Paul Heyman approaches Rey and laughs at him. Paul tells Rey last week Rey was one of the guys that betrayed him and tonight if he wants to prove he is worthy of moving up a division then he will face another guy who betrayed him A-Train. Either A-Train will beat the hell out of you or you will get to embarrass A-Train. Heyman laughs and walks off.

Up next Edge makes his return to Smackdown as he responds to Kurt Angle.

Edge’s music hits as he comes down to the ring to a great ovation. Edge has made his return to Smackdown after a year out due to injury at the hands of Kurt Angle. Edge gets a mic and thanks the fans for the support, it feels great to be back. He has 2 goals. 1)To get his revenge on Kurt Angle and 2)To become the WWE Champion. He talks about his injury, the surgery and how he missed being out of action for a very long time. He missed the fans. Doctors told him he was almost done but it was a miracle that he recovered from this. He worked hard to get back in shape, he worked hard to make it back for WrestleMania and he did. Although he didn’t wrestle, he was still a part of the show. During his time off he didn’t want to appear in a non-wrestling role like a manager or announcer. He’s a wrestler and he would rather be gone and come back. He wanted to heal and come back 100% as he wanted to come back with a whole lot of momentum. Now that he’s 100% he’s going to tear Kurt Angle apart.

Kurt Angle pops up on the big screen via satellite. Edge looks at the screen. Edge and Angle were trading insults at each other back and forth. Angle talked about his neck problems in the past and he underwent neck surgery last year following WrestleMania 19. He didn’t take the cowards way out like Edge. The surgery he had reduced his rehabilitation time from one year to three months. When he came back he was champion again. Something Edge has never done, Edge does not have what it takes to be a heavyweight champion. He won an olympic gold medal with a broken freakin neck. Edge says Angle may have taken him out for a year but he didn’t finish the job. He did not end his career and now that he’s back he’s going to break Kurt’s neck.

Kurt says Heyman suggested that he shouldn’t appear this week on Smackdown in the interest of public safety. With a lunatic like Edge running around, Angle says why would he take the risk to show up on Smackdown and put his career in danger. He had a rough week because he was robbed of the title at WrestleMania against that Latino Cheat Eddie Guerrero and then Edge shows up and attacks him. Kurt said he should be traded to Raw just to get away from Edge. Edge says Angle is afraid of him, he’s afraid to come out infront of these fans. Edge gives Angle advice to book a hospital bed soon because next week he’s going to break Angle’s neck. Fans are already chanting goodbye chants for Kurt and he’s had enough. The satelite screen goes out Angle leaves the big screen. Edge’s music hits.

Backstage Big Show explained his reason for betraying Paul Heyman last week. It was first all about Brock and Heyman sided with Big Show but then went back to Brock again. Big Show was kicked to the side and was just back up for Brock and Heyman. If Heyman can turn on Brock two years ago then he could have also turned on him so that's why he decided to turn on Paul before Paul betrayed him. Paul thought he was bigger than the Smackdown locker room because he thought he was untouchable. He believed that no one could stand up to him but then last week showed how weak Brock and Paul are. Now Brock Lesnar is no longer in the WWE and Paul has no one by his side. Ever since Paul became GM, he never appreciated his stars. He forced Chris Benoit to make the move to Raw as he made his life miserable on Smackdown. The roster couldn't stand Heyman. They didn't respect him. 2 months ago, Heyman had his mouth washed out with soap by John Cena. He was losing control of his roster and last week proved it. Big Show is disappointed that he lost the US Title but he is now focusing on becoming WWE Champion again. Once Big Show stopped going for the WWE Title last year, Heyman ended up going back with Brock. Brock was going for Kurt's belt and Big Show was out of the title picture. Now he is going to do things his way and tonight he will pin the WWE Champion. He holds a victory over Eddie as he beat him last year to become US Champion. Why hasn't he had a title shot against Eddie yet? Is Eddie afraid to face him. Big Show said now it's his time to become the number one star on Smackdown.

In the back Edge meets Rey. Rey welcomes Edge back to Smackdown. Rey advises Edge to not let his temper get the best of him. Now that he's back, he needs to be careful. He just came back from a serious potential career ending injury and warned Edge to be careful. He doesn't want Edge to get hurt. Edge told Rey not to worry, he's not back to get hurt, he's back to hurt others. Edge wishes Rey luck for his match which is next.

Match 4
A-Train vs Rey Mysterio

This match was quick. A-train starts out with several big power moves, but Rey comes back with a nice drop kick. Rey gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and goes for a roll up but A-Train kicks out. A-Train comes back with a the bicycle kick on Rey and then continues the assault on Rey in the corner. A-Train hits the derailer and Mysterio kicks out. Rey Mysterio countered a powerbomb into a victory roll and A-Train kicks out at 2. A-Train knocks Rey down with a clothesline. A-Train goes for the trainwreck and Rey slips out and dropkicks A-Train to the ropes. Rey nails a 619 followed by the west coast pop and gets the 3 count for the win.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey celebrates in the ring. Rhyno ran out after the match and ambushed Rey. Rhyno gores Rey. A-Train gets up and has a big smile on his face as he watches Rhyno assault Rey. A-Train is ready to nail Rey with the bicycle kick but RHYNO ends up hitting the gore on A-Train.

In the back Kane cuts a promo and said at WrestleMania he did not expect his father to come back and be on the same side as The Undertaker. It made him sick to his stomach to see Undertaker rising from the dead and coming back with his father, Paul Bearer. For the first time in his life there was fear in his eyes when he saw Taker and Bearer reunited. Kane thought he got the job done but now that The Undertaker is back, he's going to make sure that Taker does not make his life miserable. Kane started shouting that he is still a monster and people will still be afraid of him. He was always superior than his brother and tonight he will defeat him.

Footage of the No Holds Barred match between JBL and Farooq at WM is shown. John Bradshaw Layfield’s music hits as he comes out to the ring and brags out his victory at WM. He guaranteed victory as he ran his partner Farooq out of the WWE. He proved that he was better than Farooq. Farooq was the weak link in the APA. JBL said the biggest mistake he made in his life was not to go into a singles career sooner because drinking beer, meeting the troops and tagging with Farooq held him down. It put a dent in his career, he would have been US or WWE Champion by now. JBL insulted the fans and said they all pay good money just to see JBL. He gave financial tips and JBL says he is a role model for the fans. Within the next few months he will win them over and they will jump on the JBL bandwagon. JBL guaranteed that he will be holding a title this year.

Backstage Edge is walking past as he meets some of the Smackdown stars as they welcome him back to Smackdown. Paul Heyman approaches Edge. Heyman welcomes him back but he’s not pleased with Edge accepting Stone Cold’s invitation to make an appearance on Raw next week. Austin was the man that attacked him last week, the Smackdown roster embarrassed him(Heyman) last week. He can’t afford to have a Smackdown star making an appearance on Raw. Heyman told Edge he had a great future, he shouldn’t get on the bad side of Paul Heyman. Heyman warned Edge that if anyone defied him now then there would be serious consequences. If Edge goes to Raw he will be suspended. Heyman winds Edge up and tells him if he gets suspended then he won’t get the opportunity to get revenge on Kurt Angle. Edge agreed and told Heyman that the Smackdown roster took a hit this week by losing four stars. Well next week he’s going to eliminate Kurt Angle off the Smackdown roster.

Main Event
Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker vs The Big Show and Kane

Kane and Show have a staredown in the ring and argue over who will start. Big Show lets Kane start. Big Show and Kane pound on Eddie in the corner and stomp away. Choking and stomping follows. Show and Kane start arguing over who gets a cover and Eddie tried a sunset flip and Big Show just sat on him for a 2 count. Show and Kane make quick tags and Big Show is back in the ring. Big Show chops away at Eddie in the corner. Eddie fights back and takes Big Show off his feet. Eddie charges at Big Show and Big Show takes Eddie down with a sidewalk slam. Show signals for the chokeslam and Eddie reverses and takes show down with a DDT. Eddie tags Taker in and he cleans house. Taker knocks Kane out of the ring and signals for the choke slam on Big Show and Show also grabs Taker by the throat. Big Show knees Taker in the mid-section and hits the chokeslam. Taker no sells it and rises up. Big Show tags in Kane. Later in the match Eddie hits the three amigos on Kane. Eddie goes to the top but Kane rises up and grabs Eddie by the throat and chokeslams him and Eddie kicks out at 2. Eddie makes the tag to Taker and Taker hits a big clothesline on Kane. Taker walks the rope and nails Kane across the back of the neck. Taker whips Kane in the corner and boots him in the face. Taker misses a charge and Kane hits a neckbreaker. Kane tags in Big Show. Big Show tries to chop away at Taker in the corner but Taker no sells and punches away at Big Show. Taker tags Eddie. Eddie tries to slam Big Show but Show falls on top of Eddie and almost gets the 3 count. Show chops away at Eddie. Big Show slams Eddie and hits a legdrop and gets a 2. Big Show misses a charge and Eddie knocks Show down. Eddie hits the frogsplash and Kane breaks up the count. Taker and Kane start brawling and Kane's had enough and makes his way to the back as Taker follows him to the back.

The match continues as Big Show accidently knocks the referee down. Eddie grabs the WWE Title and brings the title in the ring. Eddie tossed the title to Big Show and falls down. The ref woke up and saw Big Show holding the title and disqualified him. Big Show is furious. Eddie starts laughing. Big Show chokeslams the referee. Paul Heyman comes out and reverses the decision. Heyman tells Eddie he’s not going to pull a fast one again by cheating to win due to poor refereering. On Smackdown he makes the rules and he’s going to make sure that Eddie won’t break them. Heyman awards the match to Big Show and Kane. The lights go out and Taker is back in the ring and Big Show is out cold. Eddie points at Heyman to turn around. Heyman looks back and The Undertaker is behind him. Heyman is scared to death. Heyman goes down on his knees and begs The Undertaker to have mercy on him. Taker grabs Heyman and tombstones him as Smackdown goes off the air.
Winners by DQ: Big Show and Kane

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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