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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Thursday Night Smackdown Preview – May 13th, 2004

Paul Heyman’s Coalition (TKOW term) has been dominant in the weeks leading towards Judgment Day, but last week, things turned around for the wrestlers supposedly fighting the good fight. The WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero, the WWE United States Champion John Cena, ‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker and Edge were able to defeat Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, The Big Show and Rhyno. That put all four of the beloved wrestler’s one up on their opponents for Judgment Day. With this being the final edition of Smackdown before Judgment Day, and being just down the road from Las Vegas, it has to be wondered what type of gamble Heyman will take when the Smackdown wrestlers head to the Lawlor Events Center.

One thing we know for certain, Paul Heyman has given his two main men, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle the night off. With this being said, in an act that seems almost to fair to be true, Heyman has also given their Judgment Day opponents, the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker a night off. It almost seems a little to good to be true, although could Heyman just be trying to protect his two WrestleMania worthy main events? Either way, Paul Heyman has promised that all four men will feature on Smackdown, but nobody has any idea how.

The main event of the evening will feature the other four men from last week’s eight man tag team match. The WWE United States Champion John Cena will team with Edge to take on The Big Show and Rhyno. With Cena and Show going at it for the US Title on Sunday, and Edge and Rhyno doing the same, this tag match could very well be a preview to what we will see at Judgment Day.

The WWE Tag Team Championship match at Judgment Day which pits the champions, Scotty Too Hotty and Rikishi, defending against the challengers, The World’s Greatest Tag Team has been on the horizons for awhile now. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have been on the prowl for gold for about a month now, and at almost every turn, they have had the upper hand. With the title match looming so close, both teams have one final chance to gain momentum, when Scotty Too Hotty goes one on one with Shelton Benjamin.

The WWE Cruiserweight Title scene has been absolutely phenomenal as of late. The Champion, Chavo Guerrero continues to cling onto his title, despite the fact that in most of his matches he’s been severely beaten as of late. Chavo was struggling enough, working around the challenges of a man, who some still consider the rightful champion in Rey Mysterio. Life has only gotten more complicated for Chavo since then, with two more challengers rising in Billy Kidman and Jamie Noble. After Guerrero and Noble failed to take out Mysterio and Kidman in tag team action last week, they’ve decided to take out each other, as they will go at it tonight on Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman will also be in action; however they will be in six man tag team action. Last week, The Full Blooded Italians came to the ring and ran down certain wrestlers, with Nunzio saying something that garnered the attention of young, upstart Paul London. London decided to come to the ring and let The FBI know what he thought of them, but this lead him to a three on one beat down. Tonight, it will be three on three, as London’s mentor Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio will team up with him to exact revenge on The FBI.

Last week the A Train brutally attacked Billy Gunn, forcing him to have to get stitches. This week, the A Train will look to continue proving he is worthy to his boss, when he goes one on one with Hardcore Holly. Holly will be looking for a win ahead of his Judgment Day showdown with the recently revitalized Sean O’Haire. Speaking of O’Haire, with his match with Holly so close, he must be considered some sort of wildcard, despite not being a part of the match.

Tune in to see all this, and heaps more on Thursday Night Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches
Edge and John Cena vs. The Big Show and Rhyno

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jamie Noble

Scotty Too Hotty w/Rikishi vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas

Billy Kidman, Paul London and Rey Mysterio vs. The Full Blooded Italians

A Train vs. Hardcore Holly

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