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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Judgment Day Feedback

So yeah, I said I'd review so here goes. I may make a mistake here or there with who is face and heel, not up to date at all with your shows so if I get something wrong forgive me.

Before I start I thought I'd give you some suggestions to help you out with the layout in general. I really suggest that you do some repackaging for your shows from now on and especially your PPV's. PPV's are the highlight of your month and really should be given the 'above and beyond' feel to it. Little things can ruin it for the readers and make it harder, like in promos you only say'Orton' or 'Angle'. Use the full names, it only takes a few seconds more. I also suggest adding more then the color and fonting that you did, it's better then nothing but still looks to 'plain' for my liking tbh. Check out Wolfy's recent Great American Bash that should show you how to present things.

Would have also liked a PPV poster, if you can't always get one made for you then do what I do and use the real life PPV Posters that the WWE made.

Now onto the show.

No rundown of the matches? not sure about that.

the first match was great, not much to really complain about. It's visible that matches are your strong point, like the fact that Matt Hardy won, never really liked OJ. the only thing that I would like for next time is for pin falls to also be on seperate lines to have that suspense feel to it ke you did for the main event. Little things like that can go a long way in making a show, if the pin falls are close to one another you can see straight away that it wasn't the deciding cover and it isn't over while if the user has to scroll down to see the rest it gives that 'what if' feeling.

Again much like your own PPV now I suggest when hyping up a PPV to give a logo or poster or something in the video package. Heres hoping you can make it to GAB / Summerslam to see how you grow and improve because the potential is there.

The Orton promo could have been tweaked a bit but it got it's message across so I guess it was alright. The 'sell date' line seems a bit awkward and out of character. Also if I remember right he complained on the Raw after Wrestlemania that he was injured and his shoulder popped out of place during the Tombstone. Also not sure if you are using Orton's dad in this thread, hopefuly not, he should be able to get over without him.

Enjoying the results and winners so far, MNM need the win to jumpstart their career while RVD and Mysterio are more of a thrown together tag team that have no purpose but to hep MNM get over with more heat after their recent debut so giving them the win was a smart move.

@ Booker T's opening line absolute gold

It might just be because Rhyno is the type of character not to talk a lot and to let his actions do the talking, but he just seemed out of character and out of place. Plus mentioning WCW is a question raiser a move I am not sure would have been done in the WWE.

Angle and Long seemed a bit robotic, this storyline with him possibly going to Raw is interesting but if it weren't for their names before their lines I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between them two. Both just seemed very robotic nothing about them that screamed Angle or Long. Maybe watch some promos from that time and get a feeling with their characters.

hmm the only prediction I got wrong, London winning is something I wouldn't have done but hey, it's your thread at least you didn't job out Chavo. Me thinks there will be another match between them.

the JBL promo was the best of the night so far and was in character. Good job with it.

Not to sure about ending Angle's momentum like that and have him lose via count out at the PPV only moments after talking to Long about him being his best asset on Smackdown. Makes him look like shit. I understand the booking behind not making Lashley look like a fool on his debut night, so at least you didnt have him lose via pin fall so that is alright I guess. I'm predicting Angle to stay on the blue brand for a few more months where he feuds with Lashley for embarrassing him.

Promo afterwards seemed a bit useless, what he said what said in the earlier promo. Just seemed like a filler promo. Could have been swapped with a Cena interview or something from someone who we havent heard from yet.

Having Orton go over was a brilliant move. Having him use a Low Blow and cheat to a victory was an even better move because that means that there will be another round for this feud. As well as Carlito going over, Booker doesn't need the victory and gains nothing from it could see at Summerslam a three way between him Carlito and Rhyno which should be ok.

Cena should have seemed a bit more in your face, pumped up, screaming, tense... hyped up for his match. He seemed a bit to calm for my liking just before a Last Man Standing match. Not to sure about that, he is the sort to hype up the match by being very obnoxious and going overboard with emotions in his promo. Not to sure about the FU off the stage either, if I remember right that was the way it ended or nearly ended in their I Quit match. Could have used something a bit more creative tbh.

Overall some points to work on, presentation and promos mainly, matches are A-OK. Best of luck in the future with this thread because it has lots of potential you just need to work on a few lose screws and keep things going forward.

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