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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Judgment Day 2005

May 22nd; Target Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Smackdown only production

Narrator: When the dust is settled

Shots of a distraught JBL from Wrestlemania and an elated new WWE champion in John Cena

Narrator: When a new era dawns

John Cena is shown introducing the new WWE championship belt

Narrator: You must make a decision

‘Wow, Last man Standing!!’

Narrator: You must make a choice

Shot of Randy Orton laying out The Undertaker with an RKO

Orton wants payback!!’

Narrator: You must take action

Narrator: But for all those decisions

Shot of RVD laid out backstage and a smug MNM

Narrator: For all those choices

Shot of Matt Hardy taking down Orlando Jordan

Narrator: For all those actions

Shot of John Cena hitting JBL with an FU

Narrator: You will be judged

A damn disgrace’


‘I will teach you a lesson’

Narrator: Tonight, you will all face….

Rapid shots of RVD, Mysterio, Jordan, Guerrero, Hardy, MNM, London, Booker T, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Carlito, JBL and John Cena

Narrator: Your Judgment Day!!

We then head to the arena, the Pyro explodes and the Minneapolis crowd rise to their feet as we are welcomed to Judgment Day!!

Michael Cole: Over twelve thousand fans have sold out the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m Michael Cole, alongside Tazz and tonight the Smackdown superstars will face their Judgment Day!!

Tazz: What a night baby! Some big time match ups here tonight Cole. I can’t wait for what these guys are gonna give us. I get da feelin’ we’re gonna be in for a treat.

Michael Cole: I can’t argue with that partner. Some huge matches here from the Target Center tonight, including our main event, the WWE championship, John Cena versus JBL, Last..Man..Standing.

Tazz: I am pumped for that one! One of those two men, one of those two warriors is gonna be put down for a ten count tonight. I’m havin’ a hard time imaginin’ which one of these two is gonna lay down like that man. It is gonna be brutal.

Ohhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhh’

‘Live for the moment’

Matt Hardy makes his way down to the ring, ready for his title opportunity to a good pop from the Minneapolis crowd.

Michael Cole: But we are kicking things off with a United States Championship match and one of Smackdown’s newest superstars, Matt Hardy!!

Tazz: Matt Hardy has been nothing’ short of impressive since comin’ to Smackdown Cole and he believes that his time is now to start winnin’ singles championships, to start to prove himself in the big leagues baby and I believe that he‘s on da right since his move to Friday nights.


Big heat for the sound of JBL’s music but it’s his protégé’, his chief of staff, the United States champion, Orlando Jordan who makes his way out, set to defend his title.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan has found the going tough since Matt Hardy set his sights on the United States title. Orlando has tried to get under the skin of Matt Hardy, to let him know who’s boss but has really found that Matt Hardy has his number.

Tazz: For sure Cole. But and this is a big but. There’s a reason why Orlando Jordan is U.S. champ and when the gold is on the line, can Hardy keep the momentum going or will Orlando once again prove why he’s the champ?

United States Championship

Orlando Jordan© vs. Matt Hardy

We get underway immediately with Orlando looking to catch Hardy off guard and does so, striking Hardy with a big left hand, knocking Hardy off balance somewhat as the champion continues with a flurry of lefts. Hardy though soon responds with some strong shots of his own, throwing some right hands at OJ, causing him to be the one now losing his balance.

Hardy grabs Jordan by the arm, whipping the champion into the ropes. OJ bounces back and straight into the path of Hardy who takes him down with a shoulder block. Cover by Hardy, kick out at one by Jordan. Hardy is looking relentless here and elbows the fallen champion, looking to wind him. Cover again by Hardy, kick out at two this time from the champion.

Hardy now stops the pressure briefly and allows Jordan some time to recover before going right back at his opponent, lifting him to his feet and striking with a forearm, sending Jordan aback again. Jordan falls into the ropes, Hardy taking a step back charges at Jordan and sends both he and Orlando flying over the top rope down to the outside! The crowd pop as this contest now heads outside the ring and it’s Hardy who gets to his feet first.

Jordan is up to his knees but Hardy stops him there, delivering a kick to the ribs of the champion as Hardy looks to step his game up. Jordan is now up to his feet as Hardy now delivers a knee to the ribs, perhaps targeting this area of OJ. Hardy now looking to whip Jordan into the ringpost but Jordan reverses and sends Hardy flying head first into the post!! Hardy’s head bounces off with the post showing no mercy as Hardy is knocked down and looking out as Jordan gets right on Hardy, sensing an opportunity and delivers some thunderous left hands to the already battered head of Hardy who looks completely dazed here.

Jordan then sits off of Hardy before posing to the crowd, drawing some strong heat as Orlando brings Matt to his feet and tosses him back inside the ring at the count of 8. Jordan immediately goes for a cover but Hardy just gets the shoulder up at 2. Jordan tells the referee to do his job and count faster as Jordan locks in a sleeper hold to the fallen Hardy.

Jordan shouts ‘Matt Hardy will die’ before looking to tighten the hold as the crowd continue to draw heat on the U.S champion. Hardy is looking like he’s really struggling for breath but is pounding the mat with his fist, trying to bring himself out of this predicament. Hardy manages to get back to his feet but can’t quite break the hold. An elbow to the stomach, another elbow and Hardy is almost there, elbow to the temple now and Hardy breaks free!

The fans pop as Hardy goes on the offensive, attempts a clothesline, Jordan ducks it, spins around, kick to the gut from Hardy, Twist of Fate time! Hardy calls for it!! Jordan counters it though, pushes Hardy into the ropes, Hardy bounces back, roll up by Jordan! 1-2-kick out by Hardy!! The fans let out a loud cheer as Hardy stays in this thing.

Both men are back to their feet and begin to trade blows. Hardy looks to be getting the upper hand and he takes OJ down. Jordan comes back up again, charges at Hardy, ducks it, SIDE EFFECT!! Hardy with the Side Effect and Hardy senses this one is about to be over! Hardy goes up to the top rope. Jordan is in big trouble here. Hardy shouts out to the crowd, LEG DROP OFF THE TOP ROPE!! The fans are on their feet, sensing the title is heading to Hardy here tonight.

Hardy is poised, ready for Jordan to get back up. Hardy’s on his toes, looking as though he’s mouthing ‘Come On’. Jordan slowly gets to his feet, Hardy is waiting, kick to the mid section, twist of fate time!! Jordan again blocks it and shoves Hardy into the ropes, Orlando goes with him, rolls Hardy up into the cover! Jordan grabs the tights! 1-2-Orlando’s using the ropes for leverage!! 3!! It’s over!! Jordan steals one!!

Winner and STILL United States champion: Orlando Jordan(8:51)

Michael Cole: DAMN IT!! Matt Hardy should be United States champion! Orlando Jordan has managed to survive Judgment Day with his title intact. Matt Hardy has been robbed here tonight!!

Tazz: I ain’t disagreein’ with you Cole but what Orlando Jordan did was smart. He sensed he was in danger and yet he’s leaving Minneapolis with that U.S. title still round his waist. I feel for Hardy man but I gotta give credit to Orlando Jordan here tonight.

We see a shot of a jubilant Orlando Jordan jogging back up the ramp with his championship and a fallen Hardy who looks shocked and looks to mumble ‘You son of a bitch’ to the champion. Hardy then argues with the referee and motions that OJ used the ropes here tonight.

Video Package

Narrator:A proud nation we stand

Shots of fans chanting ‘USA’

Narrator: But who will stand tallest?

Shot of John Cena holding the WWE Title high

Shot of JBL taking his hat off to the crowd

Shot of Randy Orton delivering an RKO

Narrator: Who will be the Great American?

Shot of Kurt Angle roaring with aggression

WWE: The Great American Bash: July 24th 2005; HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York

Michael Cole: Our next Smackdown exclusive Pay Per View will be The Great American Bash, an event that is an incredibly patriotic night for all the Smackdown superstars.

Tazz: For sure Cole. A night that everybody marks down in the calendar. Buffalo better be ready for that one!!

Michael Cole: Well lets head backstage and join our colleague, Josh Matthews.

We head to the back and join Josh Matthews who is standing by with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Matthews: Randy, tonight you go one on one with The Undertaker. Now at Wrestlemania, you came up just short in ending the Deadman’s streak, do you believe you can beat The Undertaker here tonight?

Orton: Josh, I more than believe I will beat The Undertaker here tonight. I know I will beat The Undertaker here tonight. You see at Wrestlemania, I pushed The Undertaker to the absolute limit, like nobody else has done before. But for just one second, just one split second, I took my eye off the ball and The Undertaker took advantage,

Orton looks angry with himself

Orton: Tonight I won’t make that same mistake. There’s a reason why I’m the Legend Killer and if I wanted to, I could end the Undertaker’s career as quickly as I can hit him with an RKO.


Orton: My goal has never been to end the streak of The Undertaker. It has always been to end the entire career, the entire legacy of The Undertaker. The Undertaker needs to realise that we’re in the year 2005, this isn’t 1995 anymore Deadman. You’re taking up MY spotlight and I’m sick to death of it.

Big heat now for Orton

Orton: The sell by date for The Undertaker ran out a long time ago and I will prove it here tonight. I am the youngest World champion in history. Did you hear that Josh? HISTORY!! This is my time to shine, time for Randy Orton to become the cornerstone of this company, NOT The Undertaker, not anymore.

Orton calms down for a second

Orton: So you might wanna think about your question next time Josh because there is nothing getting in my way. Not tonight. Not in the future. I will defeat The Undertaker here tonight and maybe, just maybe then you’ll all start to believe me when I say that the career of the Phenom, the career of the Deadman is coming to an end and it comes to an end at the hands of me.

Orton walks away looking incredibly focused, not allowing Josh Matthews another question as we head back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton can certainly talk the talk but will he be able to walk the walk later on tonight here at Judgment Day.

Tazz: Heck of an ask Cole. This young kid has it all, but ending the career of The Undertaker? I just, wow, I can’t see it.


MNM make their way out, ready for their first PPV match here in the WWE, for the vacant Tag team titles.

Michael Cole: Well this trio have certainly made an impact since debuting on Friday nights following Wrestlemania. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, led by their leader almost, Melina have demanded attention since coming to the WWE and have demanded the Tag team championships, only to be met by the duo of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: They’re brash, they’re young, they’re cocky but they’re talented Cole and you gotta believe that Melina’s gonna play a big part in this match here tonight. She could be the deciding factor in this one.

Michael Cole: Well, she’s certainly made an impact thus far and if MNM are gonna leave without the gold, then Melina is no doubt gonna leave here kicking and screaming.

‘One of a Kind’

Big pop now as out comes Rob Van Dam
Michael Cole: Well RVD has been fighting the battle against MNM on his own until recently. MNM stated that Van Dam got in their business and now they’re making RVD their own personal business.

Tazz: Rob Van Dam was furious when these guys demanded they be handed the tag titles and I don’t blame him. RVD’s been in this business a heck of a long time and he ain’t been handed a damn thing. That’s how this whole rivalry started and tonight, this one’s gonna get ugly.


Another good pop now as out comes Van Dam’s partner for tonight, Rey Mysterio.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio came to the aid of Rob Van Dam a few weeks back and as another experienced superstar, he can no doubt vouch for how RVD has been feeling about these newcomers.

Tazz: Absolutely. Rey Mysterio, another veteran in this business who ain’t been handed a dime. MNM have got a set, taking it to these two and I can’t wait for these teams to go at it here tonight.

Vacant WWE Tag Team Championships

MNM vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

RVD kicks things off for his team with Mercury and Nitro having a debate about who starts the match between them. In the end it’s decided that Johnny Nitro will get things going with Van Dam and the two begin to circle one another. The crowd start a strong chant of ‘RVD RVD’ as both men lock up.

The two men struggle to get the upper hand, forcing each other back and forth with Van Dam eventually getting the advantage, managing to get Nitro in a headlock. Nitro uses his strength though to back Van Dam into the ropes. Nitro then uses all his force on Van Dam to break the hold, shoving RVD across the ring into the ropes once more. Van Dam bounces right back to Nitro, however Nitro ducks down, looking for a back body drop but RVD sees it coming. Mr.Friday Night stops himself, before kicking Nitro in the face with a stiff kick. Van Dam’s experience comes right into play there as he goes for an early cover but a kick out at 2 from Nitro.

Nitro brings himself back up this feet but is taken down once again with an arm drag from Van Dam, followed by another as RVD is rolling in confidence here, certainly looking to prove his point in full here tonight to the young duo. Van Dam then heads to the top rope, early on in the match compared to RVD’s usual antics but the fans pop for this. RVD is poised for Nitro to get back to his feet, Nitro is slow to regain his balance, he turns around right into a flying Van Dam but Nitro sees it coming and dodges out the way as Van Dam takes a hard fall to the mat.

Nitro immediately pounces on the fallen ECW original, clubbing Van Dam over the head with repeated right hands before locking RVD into a chin lock. RVD is wriggling around, trying to find some way of getting himself out of this hold but the young A-Lister doesn’t look to be letting up. The fans support though seems to spur Van Dam on and he draws himself to his feet before delivering a kick backwards to the gut of Nitro, and another, some strong shots by RVD who then charges at Nitro but Nitro has the same intentions and we see a big double clothesline!! Both men take each other down in the centre of the ring as it’s now a question of who can make a tag first?

Mysterio is firing the crowd up, clapping his hands, willing his partner on. Melina is screaming, shouting ‘Come on Johnny’ as Mercury bangs on the turnbuckle. Nitro is clawing his way towards his partner, Van Dam the same but it looks as though Nitro will get to his corner first and he does so! Nitro tags in Mercury who races after RVD but the veteran makes the tag!! Mysterio enters the ring at lightening pace, ducking Mercury’s advances and running the ropes.

Mysterio comes back at Mercury who manages to get a hold of Rey but the speed and strength of the Ultimate Underdog is too much for Mercury as Rey takes him down with a hurricanrana, into a pinning position! 1-2-kick out at the death from Mercury! The camera pans to Melina who breathes a huge sigh of relief as her boys stay alive in this contest.

Mercury sits himself up but is met with a strong kick to the back from Mysterio. A few fans ooooh as Mercury looks in trouble here. Mysterio once again runs the ropes before taking Mysterio straight back down with a drop kick to the face, almost knocking Mercury’s teeth out as one half of the A-listers is taken backwards and rolls out the ring, probably a smart move by Joey Mercury there. Mercury buys himself some time on the outside as the referee begins to count him out. Mysterio though doesn’t allow any time to catch his breath as the high flier once again takes matters into his own hands.

Mysterio uses the ropes to hoist himself up and over, looking to take out Mercury but Mercury sees it coming and moves out of harms way with Mysterio crashing and burning on the outside!! Big impact on the little Mexican there as Mercury perhaps buys his team a way back into this match up. Mercury drags himself back into the ring, using every dirty tactic he can as he spins the referee around and talks to him but with the ref’s back turned it left the evil Melina to work her way into the match as she slaps Mysterio round the head, drawing insane heat from the crowd.

Van Dam sees Melina’s actions and hops off the apron, pointing and shouting at her but this again just plays into MNM’s hands as Nitro charges full pelt at Van Dam, clotheslining Mr.Friday Night before delivering a sickening knee to the temple of Van Dam, laying him flat out before Nitro tosses the already fallen Mysterio back into the ring as Mercury waits for his prey.

The referee wonders what’s gone on and asks Nitro what happened but the young superstar just holds his hands up, looking innocent. Mercury immediately goes to work on Mysterio, stomping away at the stomach of Rey who clutches his gut in seeming agony. Mercury then works on the right leg of Mysterio, using all his strength to lift Rey up by the leg before slamming him right back down, looking like an awkward landing on the knee. Tazz is hyping up the strategy on commentary, noting that Mercury focusing on the knee of Mysterio means the 619 is out of the question here tonight.

Mercury then holds on to the leg of Mysterio before tagging his partner Nitro back into this match. Nitro and Mercury double team Mysterio momentarily before the referee gets Mercury out of the ring. Meanwhile, RVD is back to his feet outside the ring and is looking furious. Van Dam heads straight to the apron and goes full pelt at Mercury, knocking him off the apron and down to the mat with Van Dam heading up to the top rope!! RVD goes up top with Mercury in a world of trouble but Van Dam goes flying, Nitro hurls him off the top and face first into the barricade!! Both Mercury and Van Dam now down on the outside as Nitro turns back around to Rey.

Mysterio seems to be digging deep though and perhaps Nitro taking his eye off Rey briefly has allowed him back into this. Mysterio with a kick to the ribs of Nitro before a dropkick to the knees of Nitro who is taken down to his knees now as Rey Rey runs the ropes. Nitro tries in vain with a clothesline attempt but Rey ducks it and runs off the ropes, spring boarding into a cross body to Nitro!! Cover by Mysterio!
1-2-kick out!! Nitro gets the shoulder up much to the relief of Melina who is now up on the apron!!

Mysterio sees her coming and heads towards her. Rey opens his arms out, seeming to ask what is she doing? This all works a treat though as from behind Nitro rolls Mysterio up!! Cover by Nitro!! 1-2-3-NO!! Mysterio just manages a kick out with Melina furious, believing her boys had the titles won. A big pop from the crowd comes though as this match continues.

On the outside Van Dam is now stirring but Mercury is on his case already, kneeing the gut of RVD before looking to throw Van Dam into the ring post but RVD blocks it, instead hurling Mercury into the ringpost!! Big impact on Mercury’s shoulder there. Inside the ring Nitro and Mysterio are trading blows now with Rey looking like he has the upper hand. Rey whips Nitro into the corner before heading right at the youngster but Nitro with a big kick to Rey beforea DDT!! Cover again by Nitro! 1..2..kick out once more by Mysterio!!

Van Dam is now heading back into the ring as it looks like MNM are gonna get a taste of their own numbers game medicine but for Melina!! Nitro talks some smack to Van Dam as the referee tends to Mysterio.With the referee’s back turned, once again Melina does her job to full effect, pulling Van Dam from the apron with RVD smiling, before turning deadly serious and heading after Melina who runs for her life! Van Dam can’t see behind him however and Mercury is back to his feet! Mercury grabs Van Dam by the hair and turns the tables, this time he smashes Van Dam face first into the ringpost before delivering a sickening snap suplex onto the outside! Van Dam is out of it on the outside but on the inside! Mysterio!! Mysterio drops Nitro with a drop toe hold!! Nitro falls into the ropes, 619 is coming, Mysterio dials it up, CONNECTS!!

Rey heads to the top and is gonna go for the West Coast Pop! But Rey is sent tumbling as Mercury is on the apron and hurls Rey down into the path of Nitro. Rey lands on his feet but into the hands of Nitro, kick to the gut from the youngster, Mercury joins him in the ring! SNAPSHOT!! SNAPSHOT TO MYSTERIO! COVER BY NITRO!! 1.….2.….3.….MNM ARE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM(13:15)

Michael Cole: Oh not this way!! Melina has just cost Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio!! MNM have stolen the Tag team titles!!

Tazz: Wow. Just wow, I can’t believe this Cole. I thought Van Dam and Mysterio had it in the bag there when it was two on one but Melina stuck her nose in and BAM. MNM walkin out with the Tag team titles, big time shock here in Minneapolis.

We see shots of Van Dam realising what just happened and Mysterio shouting something at MNM who back up the ramp looking elated with their nights work, in particular the shrieking Melina as MNM have used all their smarts here to win the tag team titles.

We cut backstage and head to the locker room of Booker T who is looking intense, ready for his match with Carlito later tonight. Booker then looks up to see an old friend in Rhyno staring back at him. Both men get a decent pop.

Booker T: Da hell you doin’ here man? Good to see you.

Rhyno: Sure is Book. Sure is, been a long time. What do ya mean what am I doin’ here man? I made my Smackdown debut this past Friday night and I’m here tonight to check out the competition around here.

Booker T: Lemme tell ya, there’s a lot of it man. A hell of a lotta competition on the blue brand, you gonn’ have to raise ya game a whole lot if you wanna make an impact man.

Rhyno: Let me stop ya there for a second Book.

Booker looks surprised

Rhyno: Making an impact huh? Now, you’re up against Carlito tonight and first off let me say that I don’t like Carlito. I don’t like him at all. But a few weeks ago he made a point, he questioned where you’d gone, where the real Booker T had gone, where the Booker T from WCW had gone and y’know what you did Book? You stood there, stonefaced. You didn’t know what to say.

Booker has that same stonefaced look on his face

Rhyno: Now the following week, Carlito laid you out. He took you out and what did ya do this time Book? Nothing, AGAIN. Now you wanna talk about me makin’ an impact? Well tonight, tonight YOU go and make an impact. You go out there and you teach Carlito a damn lesson about what it takes to make it in this business. Cos for the past few weeks man, it’s been him, not you who’s made himself heard around here.

Booker continues looking far from amused

Rhyno: So Booker, I’m just here to getcha goin’. To make you tick again. I wanna see that spark again tonight, I wanna see, hell everybody in the back here tonight wants to see that Booker T from WCW again and we all wanna see you kick Carlito’s ass all over the Target Center!!

The crowd pop as Rhyno pumps himself up but maybe not Booker as much as he’d have liked

Rhyno: We’re all rootin’ for ya Booker. Now tell me man, can you dig that?

Rhyno walks off to a good ovation as Booker looks down before saying quietly to himself almost ‘Sucka’

The camera then cuts to the office of Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long who is sitting at his desk with some paperwork when in walks Kurt Angle.

Long: Ya got some nerve comin’ in here Kurt after what went down Friday night.

Angle: What the hell is that kinda welcome Teddy? You should be sucking up to me like there’s no tomorrow after I decided to stay on this show. I coulda jumped ship to Raw and you’d have lost your biggest damn asset.

Long: I don’t think ya understand da way I work Kurt, just because you decided to stay here on Smackdown, don’t mean I’ma treat ya like royalty playa. You don’t get no special treatment just cos ya name Kurt Angle.

Angle: What a load of crap Teddy. Now I’m here for a reason tonight and I suggest you make damn sure you listen to what I’m about to say.

Long: You gonna apologise for hittin’ me wit’ dat Angle slam on Friday night?

Angle: Not a chance Teddy. You deserved that Angle slam, just as much as Eric Bischoff did. Now I understand why I was left off the card tonight, you gave me a good reason Friday night for it but Teddy I’m signed now though, there’s no more excuses, no more cutting corners. I want one thing and one thing only. The WWE championship.

Long: Now tell me summin Kurt. You expect me to give ya a WWE Title match after watcha did to me Friday night?

Angle: You’re damn right I do. Now you know as well as I do Teddy that I’m the best wrestler in this whole company and someone of my calibre should be wearing gold around his waist. I don’t expect to sit in the background. If you had any sense whatsoever you’d focus your entire freakin’ show to me.

Long: I don’t know where ya get off Kurt but I suggest you get to steppin’ and get outta my office cos I ain’t gonn’ stand here and listen to you run your mouth about what I should be doing in my job. I do my job, you do yours Kurt. You want a WWE championship match? Ya gotta earn it. You gotta prove to me why you deserve a WWE title shot and maybe, just maybe then I’ll give ya watcha want. Ya feel me on dat?

Angle: Proof? You want me to prove to you why I deserve the WWE title? Does me making Shawn Michaels tap out at Wrestlemania not prove that? Yeah you heard me, Shawn Michaels, Mr.Wrestlemania, I made him tap out on the biggest stage of them all, on HIS stage. I made him tap Teddy! I, Kurt Angle made him tap!

Angle composes himself as Teddy Long looks on at him

Angle: I wanna hear the right answer Teddy. I wanna hear that Kurt Angle is next in line for a WWE Title match. Make it happen Teddy or I promise you, what happened last Friday night will be nothing compared to what I do next.

Long: Like I said Kurt, ya gotta prove to me just why you’re in line for a shot at da WWE title. So how bout tonight, now dat ya signed again here on Smackdown, why don’t we put you in a match?

Angle: Is that supposed to shut me up Teddy? Am I supposed to be afraid of having a match tonight? I’ve beaten everybody here in the WWE, EVERYBODY! Who the hell is there left to beat?

Long: Well Kurt, I got a little somebody here tonight in Minneapolis who I was goin’ to introduce this comin’ Friday on Smackdown but seein’ as you up to da challenge, I don’t see any reason why we don’t introduce him to the world here tonight.

Angle: Teddy, are you not understanding what I’m saying? I do not give a damn who you’ve got here tonight. Whether it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Blue Meanie I couldn’t care less. You send them to the ring later tonight and you’re gonna be the one held accountable for their career coming to a premature end. Oh it’s true Teddy, it’s damn true.

Angle then storms out the room with Teddy Long smiling. Who has the Smackdown GM signed to debut here tonight?

We then cut back to ringside and rejoin Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle is hell bent on capturing the WWE Title, there’s no two ways about it. After signing a new deal to stay on Friday nights, Teddy Long now knows just what Kurt Angle expects on Smackdown.

Tazz: Hey, Kurt makes a valid point though Cole. Is there a better wrestler in this business than him? I can’t think of many if any. Angle has every right to go after the WWE Title.

Michael Cole: Well he’s gonna have to start proving himself again, starting here tonight. Who has Teddy Long signed to Smackdown?!

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue Cole but it’s gonna be one hell of a debut match to have, goin’ up against a fired up, ready to go Kurt Angle.

‘Oooooooooh Chavo’

Chavo Guerrero makes his way out to some decent heat as we get ready for some high flying action from the Cruiserweight division.

Michael Cole: Chavo Guerrero lost the Cruiserweight title to Paul London just before Wrestlemania and tonight he has his sights firmly set on regaining that gold. Chavo has been possessed in recent weeks, including brutally attacking Paul London a few weeks back, hitting a frog splash through the announce table, badly injuring the ribs of London.

Tazz: Chavo is as wiley and as smart as they come and you gotta believe that Paul London is still feelin’ the effects of that vicious frogsplash a few weeks back. Chavo’s gotta be the favourite to take his title back tonight.

‘Hey You’

The Cruiserweight champion Paul London makes his way out to a good pop, still looking to be holding his ribs somewhat however.

Michael Cole: The high flying, young daredevil that is Paul London and Tazz you have to wonder just how badly those ribs are injured.

Tazz: By the looks of things, still a whole lot. London’s holdin’ them, lookin’ pretty uncomfortable. Notice how the ribs aren’t taped up though Cole. London’s tryin’ to send a message to Chavo there, that he may be hurt but he ain’t givin’ anything’ away here tonight. Not when that Cruiserweight title is up for grabs.

Cruiserweight Title

Paul London© vs. Chavo Guerrero

Guerrero stares down London to begin things, pointing at the bandaged ribs of the champion who is holding them tightly. Eventually the two meet in the middle of the ring and London takes Guerrero down from the knees. Guerrero bounces back up and at his opponent but London takes him straight back down with an arm drag.

Chavo once more gets back to his feet and charges again at London but the speed of the champion is there for all to see as he ducks Guerrero’s advances. Chavo bounces into the rops, London attempting a dropkick but Chavo uses all his years of experience and holds onto the ropes, looking on as London dropkicks thin air and falls to the mat.

Chavo wastes little time taking advantage of the situation and as London makes his way back up, Chavo rushes to him and rolls him up into a cover. Chavo grabs the tights!! 1-2-kick out by London much to the crowd’s delight. The veteran Mexican though wastes no time again in going back on the offensive, clubbing London over the back of the head with a hard shot, knocking London to his knees.

Chavo then grips London by the neck, appearing as though he’s going to go for a suplex. Indeed Chavo looked to hoist London up but the champion used all his will to prevent Guerrero. Chavo eventually gets him up in the air but London counters, elbowing the skull of Chavo. London manages to get a step away from Chavo before sprinting at his bitter rival, Chavo sidesteps it though and London bounds into the turnbuckle, rebounding right into the path of Guerrero again who this time FINALLY gets London where he wants him and connects with a beautiful suplex.

Not content with one though, Chavo goes for the three amigos and connects one after the other. The thud of London’s body heard by all in the arena as Guerrero goes for another cover. 1-2-kick out again by London but Chavo is fully in control. Pointing to the injured ribs of London, Chavo stomps away at the bandaged area with London writhing in pain on the mat. Michael Cole admits that London’s reign as champion is now ‘in serious jeopardy’ as Chavo seems relentless.

Chavo then locks in an abdominal stretch on the champion, looking to further deteriorate the stomach/ribcage of the champion. Guerrero locks the hold in and stretches with all his force. The look on London’s face paints a thousand pictures as the young champion is in real trouble here. The referee is looking concerned and is making one hundred percent sure that London can continue. Somehow, someway London hangs in there despite all of Chavo’s persistence.

Chavo realises that London is hanging in there and releases the hold as London collapses to the floor. Chavo runs his hands through his hair, looking frustrated slightly at his inability to finish off his rival here. Guerrero goes right after the champion once again, attempting to stomp at the injured ribs once more but London sees it coming and catches Chavo’s foot. London spins Chavo round whilst leaping up in the air and dropping Chavo with a big dropkick! Cover by London now, 1-2-kick out by the Mexican Warrior.

London is now sensing a shift in momentum and runs the ropes, Chavo returning to his feet but London takes Chavo straight back down with a clothesline. London throws his arms up in the air, shouting ‘Come on’ to Chavo who gets back to his feet again. The wily Chavo returns to his feet and spins around but senses London coming at him and drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring to some heat from the crowd with London angry.

Chavo holds his face on the outside, wagging his finger at the crowd. The boos though soon turn to cheers as the crowd know what’s coming!! Chavo turns himself around on the outside into the oncoming Paul London who flies through the ropes and crashes onto Chavo with a a big cross body. Perhaps injuring his ribs further, London has sacrificed his body to take out Chavo. Both men are laid out on the outside as the referee begins to count them out.

The count reaches seven before London and Chavo both reach their feet and trade blows on the outside with Chavo heading back into the ring, London on his tail. London joins him in the ring and is met with a kick to the ribs, again Chavo focuses on the weak point as London has no answers. A couple more hard shots to the ribs from Guerrero before dragging London upright. Chavo whips the young Texan into the ropes before absolutely battering London with a huge tilt- a-whirl backbreaker. The crowd ooohs and aaahs as Guerrero drops London with Tazz saying this one’s over. Chavo goes for the cover but somehow London kicks out and 2 and three quarters much to the crowd’s approval.

Chavo can’t believe it and heads to the top rope, mouthing that ‘this is it’ as he looks for a big frogsplash from the top. Chavo composes himself, pandering to the crowd as London lays on his back, clutching his ribs. Chavo goes for it but London puts his knees up and Chavo feels the full force of London’s knees driven into his stomach.

The crowd pop as Chavo now writhe in pain on the floor as London hops up to his feet, still clutching the ribs, hobbling his way up to the top rope now. London soars to the top, the crowd anticipates now as London connects with a huge Shooting Star Press!! Cover from London! 1-2-3, it’s over!!

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight champion: Paul London(12:20)

Michael Cole: He did it!! London is still the Cruiserweight champion!! What a win tonight for Paul London!!

Tazz: Man, I didn’t think he had it in him!! Major victory tonight for Paul London, the biggest in this young kids career. To win a match like this on the big stage against someone the calibre of Chavo Guerrero is huge Cole.

Michael Cole: No doubt about it, Paul London has made his mark here tonight at Judgment Day!

Cut backstage

We join Josh Matthews once more who is standing by with the number one contender for the WWE Title tonight, JBL.

Matthews: JBL, tonight you get the rematch you’ve been waiting for with John Cena. What’s your game plan heading into a match like a Last Man Standing match with someone like John Cena?

JBL: Josh the key part to that question was where ya said ‘with someone like John Cena’ almost as though John Cena is a threat to me here tonight. Let me give ya a little insight into something here, you Josh and all these people in Minneapolis along with that sham of a champion John Cena will all learn here tonight exactly what the word ’fight’ means here in the WWE. Tonight is a gonna be a straight up FIGHT. It ain’t gonna be pretty. It ain’t gonna be for the weak at heart, believe me on that one son.

A few cheers in the crowd for this, in anticipation of the main event.

JBL: The kid’s got guts, I’ll give him that but as far as bein’ in an environment like this tonight, John Cena is walking into unchartered territory. He’s walkin’ into the unknown and when ya walk into something’ ya don’t know, when you step outta your comfort zone, you see fear in the eyes. Tonight, you folks aren’t gonna like watcha see cos you’re all gonna see that fear in the eyes of your precious John Cena.

JBL takes his white hat off before continuing

JBL: This is my territory. John Cena doesn’t know what he’s in for tonight. But me? Josh, this is what I LIVE FOR. I live for nights like tonight where I get to go out there and I get to beat the living hell outta somebody. The facts do not lie. I am the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history.

Heat for the usual mention of this

JBL: I held onto that championship through every obstacle, through every barrier put in front of me. Steel cage matches, Fatal 4-way matches, Triple threat matches, a Texas Bull Rope match, hell I competed in the only Barbed wire steel cage match in the history of this company and what happened each and every single time?

Matthews looks lost


Matthews: You..you won.

JBL: YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DID!! And you know why I won Josh? I won because that is my environment, because I thrive on nights like that and on nights like tonight. And I thrive on these nights because I am the greatest champion of all time.

JBL puts his hat back on and takes a deep breath closing his eyes momentarily

JBL: Imagine this Josh. Imagine what it feels like to hear people all around the world, in every arena you travel to chanting your name. ‘J-B-L’ ‘J-B-L’ ‘J-B-L’.

Big heat for this here

JBL: Listen to em Josh. Ya hear that? That is what greatness gets you. It gets you the respect you deserve and tonight I prove my greatness once again when I take back what is rightfully mine. Wrestlemania was a one off, a fluke, there ain’t no two ways about it. All the greats have an off night. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, they’ve all had them. Wrestlemania was mine.

The crowd are really on JBL’s back here

JBL: But all greats respond, they stare adversity in the face and they walk right over it. Tonight I walk over adversity and I walk through John Cena. I will walk over John Cena’s lifeless body all the way to my WWE championship. And when I’ve achieved what I set out to here tonight, all that’ll be left to say is, I told you so.

JBL walks off with Josh Matthews looking speechless not for the first time this evening.

We return to ringside and rejoin Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Well, a very focused, very confident JBL there Tazz. He seems to be convinced that the WWE championship will be around his waist come the end of our main event tonight.

Tazz: He’s got every reason to be Cole. There’s a strong possibility that JBL walks outta Minneapolis a two time WWE champion.


Out walks Kurt Angle to decent heat here as he gets ready to tackle a mystery opponent in an unscheduled match here tonight at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: Well Kurt Angle agreed this past Friday night to stay on Smackdown, whether it was a choice he made simply to avoid Shawn Michaels or whether he just didn’t want to leave Friday nights, I’m more than happy to still have someone with the ability of this man on our show. However, Kurt Angle’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

Tazz: I agree with ya Cole and ya gotta wonder just who Angle’s opponent is gonna be here tonight. Teddy Long has challenged Angle to prove himself all over again, who’s it gonna be?

A few minutes silence pass as Angle paces round the ring before unknown music hits and out walks a tall, muscular individual, a very intimidating looking presence as Kurt Angle nods his head looking intrigued at who’s walking down to the ring. Angle immediately gets a mic from ringside.

Angle: Pretty impressive lookin’ aren’t ya kid? But incase you didn’t know, I’m Kurt freakin’ Angle and you stand absolutely NO CHANCE here to…

The man then snatches the mic off of Angle to a big pop from the crowd.

?: I know who you are Kurt. But what you need to know is just exactly who I am. I’m Bobby Lashley and I’m the newest signing to Friday Night Smackdown. Kurt, believe me when I tell you this, I’m the real deal. And tonight you’re gonna see exactly what I bring to the table.

Pop again from the crowd at this new signing to Smackdown, this monster Bobby Lashley. Angle asks for the mic back before continuing.

Angle: The real deal? Ha, that’s a clever little name there Bob. You may be the ‘real deal’ but I’m the ‘Wrestling Machine’ and you’re gonna regret the day you stepped in the ring with Kurt Angle cos kid tonight I’m gonna break your damn ankle.

Angle gets in the face of Lashley who doesn’t back down as we get set for this intriguing match up.

Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley

The bell rings with both men still face to face as Angle starts to smile and motions a snap with his hands, talking to Lashley who continues to just look on intensely. Lashley then stuns everyone by kicking this thing off, pushing Angle in the chest. Angle looks shocked and dares Lashley to do it again, opening his arms saying something along the lines of ‘free shot.’ Lashley doesn’t need to be asked twice and charges at Angle. Angle sees it coming though and ducks his advances, waist locking Lashley from behind. Angle looks to go for a suplex but Lashley reverses the hold and grabs Angle from behind. Lashley with a massive overhead throw! The crowd pop huge as Angle goes flying down and Lashley looks a beast here.

Lashley still looks as intense as ever with Angle now getting to his feet and looking not quite so smug anymore. Angle paces round the ring, holding his hip before the two men head to the centre of the ring and lock up once more. This time Angle does get the upper hand and gets Lashley in a headlock but again the power of young Lashley is used to full effect as he forces his way out of the hold, pushing Angle into the ropes before taking him down with a big clothesline. Cover by Lashley, 1..kick out at one by Angle.

Lashley brings Angle to his feet but is met with some real aggression by Angle who seems to have had enough here. Angle unloads on Lashley with a series of right hands, forcing Lashley back somewhat. Angle then looks to whip Lashley into the ropes but Lashley uses his power and reverses it, whipping Angle instead. Angle comes bombarding back and Lashley sends him flying with a big back body drop. Another pop for the debuting Lashley as he goes for another cover, 1-2-kick out by Angle.

Lashley brings Angle to his feet before looking to get him up for perhaps a suplex but Angle stops him mid air, managing to get out of the big man’s grasp. Instead Angle catches Lashley from behind and delivers a big German Suplex to the powerhouse. Angle refuses to let go though and hangs on with all his will, delivering a second German to Lashley here. Angle looks like he’s struggling to hang on, looking for a third consecutive German Suplex and Angle goes for it, CONNECTS!! Three German’s in a row from Angle as he releases on the third, slowly crawling across to Lashley for a cover. 1...2...SHOULDER UP FROM LASHLEY!! Angle can’t believe it and pulls down the straps from his vest, looking pissed off here.

Angle stalks Lashley who is returning gingerly to his feet. Lashley turns around, right into an Angle Slam, NO!! Lashley pushes Angle almost half way across the ring right into the turnbuckle, Angle bounces off, SPEAR!! LASHLEY DAMN NEAR SPEARED ANGLE IN HALF!! Angle rolls out of the ring, using all his experience to get the hell away from this machine.

Angle holds his stomach tightly, down on the outside as Lashley motions for him to come back in the ring. The referee begins a count as Angle starts to sit up, looking out of breath, staring at Lashley who looks ready for more. Angle heads back towards the apron and puts one foot through the ropes before deciding to hop back down to the outside. Angle paces round the ring, looking thoughtful as to what his next move will be.

Lashley shouts ‘Come on’ as Angle throws his hand at Lashley as if to say he’s had enough and indeed he has!! Angle just starts to walk up the ramp to huge heat as he shouts ‘I don’t need this, screw you all.’ Lashley looks furious as Angle has his mind made up here, he’s not coming back and the referee’s at the count of 8 now. Angle begins to smile and says ‘Not tonight’ to Lashley who is seething as the referee finally gets to 10 and this one is over.

Winner via Countout: Bobby Lashley (7:22)

Michael Cole: A major cop out here tonight from Kurt Angle Tazz. He didn’t want anything to do with this powerhouse Lashley! Bobby Lashley has looked incredibly impressive here tonight on his Smackdown debut and Kurt Angle just walked away, as easy as that. What a damn shame for Lashley and for all these fans here tonight.

Tazz: Hey, I agree wit’ ya wholeheartedly that Lashley was damn sure impressive here tonight but Kurt Angle’s a smart man Cole. He wasn’t ready to compete tonight. If he was you can bet ya bottom dollar he’d have gone toe to toe with Bobby Lashley. After all, Angle said it himself, he beat HBK at Wrestlemania, he should be in line for the WWE title.

Michael Cole: Not on that performance he shouldn’t be. I that Teddy Long makes sure Kurt Angle doesn’t escape from Bobby Lashley again anytime soon.

The same Great American Bash video package is shown from earlier.

We cut backstage and straight to Josh Matthews who is chasing after Kurt Angle.

Matthews: Kurt, Kurt!! Just a second, we were all wondering just why you walked away out there during your match with Bobby Lashley?

Angle: Is it not simple enough for you to understand Josh? I don’t need this, I didn’t even need to be here tonight but I came because I am a Smackdown superstar.

Angle pauses

Angle: That’s right SMACK-DOWN. I chose to stay on this brand this past Friday night. I could’ve gone to Raw, I could’ve taken all that Eric Bischoff has to offer. But no, I stayed loyal, I stayed loyal to all the Smackdown fans, to all the Smackdown superstars, to the Smackdown GM Teddy Long and what are the thanks I get? He puts me in a match with that freak Lashley. Hey, my hats off to that kid, he’s got game, no doubt but I’m not in the mood for games tonight Josh. I could've made him tap out at the click of my fingers if i wanted to, everybody knows it.

Heat from the crowd for that comment

Angle: My only goal is to become WWE champion again and when Teddy Long has something to say to me about that I’ll listen. But until then Teddy Long can stick it. Does he forget I beat Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania? Did you forget Josh? Did you?

Angle gets in Matthews’ face.

Matthews: N-n-no sir.

Angle: Good cos if anybody forgets that fact, I’ll do the same thing I did to good ol’ HBK. And that is take their ankle, get it in the palm of my hand and snap their ankle in two. Oh it’s true, it’s DAMN TRUE!!

Angle walks away with Josh Matthews looking on, breathing a sigh of relief as we return ringside.

‘ Burn in my Light’

The Legend Killer Randy Orton makes his way out to strong heat as we get set for a Wrestlemania rematch between Orton and the Deadman.

Michael Cole: Well since Wrestlemania Randy Orton has been on a mission. A mission to prove to the world that at Wrestlemania The Undertaker got lucky and that The Undertaker will become another victim to the long list of legends over the years that he has beaten. Orton though wants a whole lot more than to just defeat The Undertaker.

Tazz: Absolutely. Orton is intent, Orton has his sights set on bein’ the man to end the career of the Phenom. Wrestlemania was the closest I’ve seen The Undertaker come to losin’ the streak and Taker knows he’s in for a real fight tonight at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: What would it mean if Randy Orton could get that win over the Deadman tonight? How big a win would this be for the Legend Killer?

Tazz: Huge Cole. Absolutely huge. Since losin’ the World title last year, Orton’s lost a bit of steam Cole. If he can pull this one off it could be the victory that puts Randy Orton back on the path to stardom.


‘Graveyard Symphony’ then hits and out comes the Phenom, The Undertaker to a massive ovation from the fans inside the Target Center.

Michael Cole: He is the cornerstone of the WWE. The Phenom, the Deadman, The Undertaker! And tonight he’s looking to make yet another statement to Randy Orton.

Tazz: The Deadman knows that Randy Orton pushed him to the limit at Wrestlemania but as is always the case Cole, The Undertaker comes up with the goods on the grandest stage of them all. Tonight though, tonight is another big time match up between these two men.

Wrestlemania Rematch

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

The bell rings and Taker has his typical almost boxer like guard up. Taker looks ready to finish what he started at Wrestlemania but Orton is looking ready for this one as well, slapping his cheeks slightly as he psyches himself up and the two eventually lock up in the middle of the ring with Orton delivering a knee to the mid section of the Deadman before hitting Taker with a strong uppercut, knocking the Phenom back slightly.

Orton grabs the arm of the Deadman and whips the big man into the ropes with Taker bouncing back. Orton looks to strike him down but Taker is at full speed and takes Orton clean out with a running clothesline to a big pop from the crowd. Taker is quick up to his feet again and signals for a choke slam as the fans rise to their feet in anticipation. Taker is stalking Orton who returns to his feet slowly. Orton turns around right into the waiting Phenom who grabs the throat of the Legend Killer but Orton counters with an elbow to the head, forcing Taker to break the hold. Orton then decides he’s had enough and heads out of the ring and out of harms way, giving himself a moment or two to regroup.

Orton paces around the ring as the referee begins to count him out and Taker looks on in the ring, wanting to get his hands on the cocky youngster once more. Eventually, Orton hops back onto the apron at the count of 6 before making his way through the ropes, not taking his eyes off the Deadman for one second. Taker is quick to head over to Orton though and lands a right hand, followed by another. Orton responds with a shot of his own, though it doesn’t seem to phase Taker who simply knocks Orton flat down with a vicious shot before jumping on Orton and continuing to unload.

Taker then lifts Orton up by the hair and onto his shoulders. Taker carries Orton across the ring before dropping Orton face first onto the turnbuckle for Snake Eyes before running across the ring and charging at the off balance Orton before dropping Orton with a huge big boot! Cover by Taker, 1..2..shoulder up by Orton as Taker delivers a glare to the referee.

The Phenom takes a minute as Orton makes his way back up. As Orton gets to one foot, Taker heads back after his opponent but Orton sees him coming and delivers a shot to the mid section, sending Taker crouching down. Orton then connects with another, now back to his feet and delivers a sweet drop kick, knocking Taker down as Orton goes for his first cover of the match. 1...2..kick out by Taker but Orton doesn’t relent. The Legend Killer goes back to back with the Deadman, putting an arm around the neck of his taller opponent before Orton then drops the Deadman with an inverted backbreaker. Big impact on the Deadman as Orton’s cocky smile begins to emerge. Cover again from Orton, 1...2...shoulder up from Taker once more as the crowd cheer with Orton looking furious.

Orton pounds the mat in frustration as he gets to his feet and again and stomps away at the Deadman before throwing out his signature pose to some big heat as usual. Orton then brought Taker but up to his feet and was met with a big right from the Deadman, followed by another and another as the crowd rally behind the veteran. Taker then got a hold of Orton’s arm, dragging him over towards the turnbuckle. Taker’s going up top for some old school!! The Deadman treads lightly across the top rope, ready to strike but Orton manages to get out of the hold and dropkicks Taker off the top, crashing down to the outside!!

Orton holds his head in pain from Taker’s right hands before heading to the outside after the fallen Phenom. Orton walks slowly towards Taker before delivering a hard kick to the skull of Taker who looks all over the place. Orton brings Taker to his feet before delivering a big right to the forehead with Taker still looking dazed. Orton then looks to whip Taker into the steel steps, BAM!! Taker’s shoulder’s driven into the steel steps as Orton is now in full control.

Orton walks over and up the steel steps, grabbing a hold of the arm of Taker before jumping off the steps and hammering the arm of the Deadman down on the barricade. Orton pinpointing the arm of The Undertaker here, looking to take out the possibility of a choke slam or a tombstone possibly. Eventually with the referee’s count at 7, Orton tosses Taker back in the ring and opts to go for a cover, kick out at 2 by Taker.

Orton then shocks everyone and heads over to the turnbuckle with The Undertaker in toe. Orton heads up to the top rope, it looks as though Randy Orton is gonna attempt some old school!! Orton steps along the top rope, comes crashing down on Taker but Taker catches him by the throat!! The fans roar as Orton looks petrified! Taker goes for a choke slam but the injured arm/shoulder proves too much for the Phenom as it gives way and Orton spins Taker round, RKO!! NO!! Taker pushes Orton into the ropes, Orton comes running right back at him, Taker with a kick to the mid section, DDT from the Deadman! Cover, 1..2..shoulder up from Orton!

Taker seems to have had enough here and does the signal of cutting his throat. It appears Randy Orton may be about to feel the full effects of a Tombstone but can Taker get Orton up with the injured arm/ shoulder? Orton makes his way groggily to his feet as Taker scoops him up but looks to be in some pain. Orton though counters it and slides down the back of the Deadman, Orton grabs the tights from behind, roll up, cover, 1...2...kick out by the Deadman. Both men are back to their feet almost instantly as this gruelling contest continues.

Orton swings a right at the oncoming Taker who ducks his advances. Taker turns right back round into Orton, goozles him, CHOKESLAM!! Taker manages to get Orton up this time and slowly makes his way over to Orton’s fallen body. The fans chant with the ref’s count, 1...2...3...NO!! Orton just manages to use every ounce of life left in him to kick out as The Undertaker looks on in disbelief.

Taker takes a moment and heads over to the turnbuckle, resting his head on it as Orton stirs somewhat. Taker then marches over, looking intent on finally ending this contest. Taker smashes Orton over the face with a strong shot before kicking Orton in the gut and placing Orton’s head between his legs. Taker looks around the crowd who are all on their feet. Randy Orton is going up for his LAST RIDE!! NO!! Orton smashes Taker over the head before managing to wriggle free of his grasp. Taker turns around, RKO!! RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! COVER BY ORTON!! 1..2..3..NO!! TAKER KICKS OUT!! The crowd let out a huge roar as Orton shouts at the referee ‘NO, NO, NO WAY, COME ON MAN’

Orton then completely loses it and hammers away at Taker, delivering hard right after hard right before calming down eventually and heading outside the ring. Orton goes and gets a chair from ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz politely reminding everyone that this is not a No Disqualification match. Orton says ‘That’s’ it’ and heads back towards the ring but The Undertaker sits up!! Taker sits up and twists his head in the direction of Orton who looks like he’s seen a ghost.

Orton gets onto the apron and the referee demands Orton get rid of the chair. Taker heads right over towards the apron, tossing the referee away who then turns Taker round and tries to talk to him. But Orton sees a chance and he capitalises on it, Orton shoves Taker straight into the referee who falls backwards and down to the mat. The referee is holding his head on the mat as Taker looks on at Orton as if to say what the hell are you playing at? Orton just lets out a smil but Taker grabs him by the throat! LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW FROM ORTON!! ORTON NOW WITH THE CHAIR!! BAM!! TAKER STILL WON’T FALL DOWN THOUGH!

Orton tosses the chair out of the ring as the referee stirs back to his feet. Taker is wobbling now, RKO!! MASSIVE RKO FROM ORTON!! COVER! The referee crawls across the ring with Orton grasping the leg of Taker. 1.…2.…3, Orton beats The Undertaker!!

Winner: Randy Orton(20:13)

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has beaten The Undertaker!! Damn it to hell, Orton had to use that chair to finish off The Undertaker!!

Tazz: Orton got the job done Cole and I’m damn sure impressed with what this kid had to offer here tonight. Major victory for Randy Orton here in Minneapolis.

Michael Cole: There is gonna be hell to pay for Randy Orton when Smackdown rolls around this Friday night. The Undertaker is not gonna take this lightly. Randy Orton may’ve won the battle tonight but you gotta believe that this war is far from over.


We cut to the locker room of Carlito who is preparing for his match up next against Booker T. Lito is then interrupted by Rhyno who earlier approached Booker T also.

Carlito: Da hell do ju want?

Rhyno: I just wanted to come in here and let you know that I’m not buyin’ into all this crap you’ve been spewing for the past few weeks to Booker T.

Carlito: Crap? Do ju wanna expand on dat Rhyno? Cos Carlito doesn’t talk crap.

Rhyno: I know that Booker T isn’t the same guy who walked through the doors into this company four years ago and I think you know that too. You’ve goaded Booker T into this tonight. You’ve insulted him, talked about him being a shell of his former self and you’re right, you’re right.

Carlito: Carlito is always right, are ju gonna get to da point here or..?

Rhyno: My point is, I know that just as well as you do. Everyone in the locker room knows that Booker T isn’t all that he used to be and it’s a damn shame. You don’t wanna see the old Booker T back though do ya? All you wanted was to be the one to stick it to him didn’t you? All you wanted was for you to be the one who uses Booker T for your own good don’t you? Well let me tell ya something. I had a talk with Booker earlier on tonight and I let him know that I’m rootin’ for him, I let him know everybody is rootin’ for him and that we all wanna see him kick your ass tonight. He ain’t gonna lie down tonight and you’re gonna regret tryin’ to use him to get to the top.

Pop for the Man Beast

Carlito: Is dat it? Das all ju came to see Carlito for?

Rhyno nods

Carlito: Ju’re wrong man, totally wrong. See Carlito used to love watching Booker T back in WCW. Da guy was one da best around and now look at him. Carlito doesn’t have to tell ju what Booker T is these days. All Carlito’s wanted to do these past few weeks is get a spark back, flick a switch in Booker T again and maybe tonight we’re gonna see dat spark, dat fire in Booker T. Carlito speaks for everyone in saying dat, ju said it yourself that ju and all the boys in the back wanna see it right?

Rhyno: Damn right.

Carlito: Well Carlito can guarantee…

BAM!! Carlito lays into Rhyno with a massive shot before hammering away at the ‘Man Beast’. The crowd are booing the hell out of Carlito here as he hurls Rhyno into the wall of his locker room before wiping his hands of him.

Carlito: Dat? Dat just ain’t happening ha ha

The former United States champion then takes a bite of his apple before spitting it all over Rhyno, looking extremely angry as we return ringside.

Michael Cole: What the hell was that for?! Carlito had no right to do that to Rhyno!! Rhyno was just looking out for a guy he obviously respects a whole heck of a lot and Carlito takes him out for no damn reason!!

Tazz: To make a statement Cole. Carlito’s taken out one big name there in Rhyno and up next he’s planning’ on doin’ the exact same thing to Booker T. Carlito is on a roll.

Michael Cole: Well I hope Booker T teaches a lesson to Carlito here tonight and folks that one is coming up in just a matter of minutes but moving on quickly to the annula blockbuster, the extravaganza, the biggest party of the summer!! Summerslam!! Take a look.

Narrator:The heat is on

Shots of John Cena, Batista, Edge and Randy Orton all posing

Narrator: When the summer rolls around.. It can only mean one thing

Cena: One thing

Batista: Just one

JBL: Only one

Triple H: One thing

Orton: Summerslam

Jericho: Summerslam

Edge: Summerslam

Flair: WOOO, Summerslam

‘Remedy’ by Seether then begins to play

Shot of Chris Jericho hitting a lionsault on Edge

Shot of Matt Hardy attacking Orlando Jordan

Shot of Muhammad Hassan and Shelton Benjamin trading blows

Shot of Kurt Angle roaring

Shot of Batista hitting a Batista bomb on Daivari

Shot of HBK hitting Sweet Chin Music to William Regal

Shot of John Cena connecting with an FU on Carlito

Narrator: Summerslam, August 21st

Narrator: Only one question remains

Cena: Can you handle the heat?

WWE Summerslam: August 21st 2005, MCI Center, Washington DC

We go straight back to ringside and rejoin Michael Cole and Tazz

Michael Cole: Hey Tazz, can you handle the heat partner?

Tazz: Summerslam baby!! Gonna be off the charts in Washington when that one rolls round. I cannot wait Cole.

‘Can You Dig It?’

Out comes Booker T to a good pop as he’s looking focused on getting the job done here tonight against Carlito.

Michael Cole: Well a confidence crisis may well be an understatement for what’s happened in recent weeks to this man, Booker T.

Tazz: For sure Cole. It’s been hard to watch. Carlito has gotten under Booker’s skin and it looks like it’s hurt the former WCW champ. Booker certainly ain’t looked himself lately.

Michael Cole: But how does he get out of this Tazz? We saw Rhyno earlier tonight try and bring some fire back into Booker but it may well have backfired. Booker didn’t looked pleased to hear those words coming from the mouth of a friend.

Tazz: It could just be a lucky break is all Booker needs and he could damn sure do with it coming tonight at Judgment Day. Booker’s got the game, we all know that but sometimes all it takes is that stroke of luck.


Out comes Carlito to pretty good heat carrying an apple in hand, smiling after what he did earlier on to Rhyno.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito’s actions in recent weeks have been heinous and tonight he took it to that level again with a sickening attack on Rhyno.

Tazz: I gotta admit it was brutal Cole but this new found aggression in Carlito has really elevated his game and tonight he may well prove what he’s been sayin’ for weeks to Booker T, that he is indeed the man ready to step up and that perhaps Booker’s run is over

Michael Cole: Well I hope to God that Booker proves that theory to be completely wrong. Carlito’s got a beating coming to him and I hope Booker delivers it.

Grudge Match

Carlito vs. Booker T

The match kicks off with Booker T looking like he’s trying to psych himself up, slapping his face slightly, bouncing on the spot as Carlito looks on smiling at his opponent. The two men start to pace around the ring before locking up in the centre and Carlito gets the early advantage, connecting with a big kick to the stomach of Booker, forcing the former WCW champion to lean forward as Lito then slaps Booker across the face to a rousing response of Ooooohs from the crowd.

Carlito shouts at Booker to ‘Get this over with now before he embarrasses himself anymore.’ Booker has fallen back towards the corner with Carlito stalking his prey. Carlito grabs Booker by the back of the neck and smacks Booker face first into the turnbuckle. Booker rebounds around into the path of Carlito again who whips Booker into the opposite corner.

Carlito charges at Booker, looking to strike but Booker senses it coming and sticks a foot up, sending a big boot into the face of Carlito who is sent tumbling backwards. Booker then senses he’s now in control and charges at Lito, taking him down with a big clothesline, followed by another as Book looks to pick up some steam.

Booker grabbed a hold of the left arm of Carlito and began to work at it. Booker used all his might to smash the arm of Carlito downwards, Carlito groaning out loud in pain before Booker extended the arm of Lito and smashed him in the face with a big super kick. Carlito goes flying down as Booker goes for the first cover of the match. 1-2- kick out from Carlito as the crowd really start to rally behind Booker.

Booker senses that he’s now in pole position here and hoists Carlito up to his feet, Book whips his opponent into the ropes before taking the oncoming Lito back down with a heavy impact spine buster. Big time move from Booker who looks to have some confidence flowing again now. Booker heads back to work on Lito, throwing some strong right hands at his fallen opponent before locking him into a sleeper hold. Booker’s wearing down Carlito here, the Caribbean superstar looking like he’s in a whole world of trouble as Book applies some firm pressure.

Carlito tries to tangle out of it but Booker keeps it locked in, getting a firm grasp of his opponent. With all the insults Carlito has thrown at Booker in recent weeks, you can see how much Booker wants to hurt Carlito here and prove a point. Booker has Lito grounded entirely now but the Apple spitter is crawling his way towards the ropes, trying to find a way to break this hold.

Carlito does manage to get his way to the ropes and the referee breaks the hold with Booker questioning the decision for some reason. This momentary lapse from Booker allows Carlito a split second to drill a hard shot to the gut of Booker. Carlito then flies at Booker, taking him down and hammering away with some strong left hands to the head, Booker trying to protect himself but to no avail as Lito batters away before shouting something in Spanish to the crowd which received some decent heat.

With Lito now looking back in the swing of things, the former U.S champ brought Booker to his feet, using all his strength before whipping Book into the ropes, charging himself straight at Book and catching him with a vicious swinging neck breaker. Cover from Carlito, 1-2-kick out by Booker who just about stays in this thing.

Carlito’s frustration is evident and Lito pauses for a minute, thinking about his next move as the crowd start a ‘Let’s go Booker’ chant which is safe to say doesn’t go down well with Lito. Booker starts to make his way to his feet, heading in the wrong direction however, towards the turnbuckle and Carlito is quick to strike. Carly grabs Book by the back of the head and smashes his opponent face first into the turnbuckle.

Booker’s head rebounds and his nose may’ve slightly been busted open. We see the camera show a quick glimpse and a slight shot of blood as Carlito has Booker cornered now. Lito delivers a string of shots to the already beaten face of the former WCW champion before stomping Booker a few times in the gut. Booker looks winded as Carlito heads across the ring now towards the opposite side of the ring. Carlito stalks the struggling Booker and charges across the ring at full speed. Booker sees it coming down and dodges out of the way! Carlito eats a whole lot of turnbuckle as Booker now pounces at Lito.

Booker is striking away at his cornered rival and almost sends him flying over the top rope with a major shot, striking a few ooohs in the crowd. Those ooohs are soon turned to woooos as Booker delivers a nasty chop across the chest of Lito, leaving him in considerable pain. Booker is relentless though and continues to slap across the chest of Carlito, leaving his skin looking a sizzling red colour.

Booker then whips Carlito from one corner into another, charging at Lito and connecting with a big clothesline. Carlito falls away from the turnbuckle now and he bends down somewhat. Booker runs across the ring and hit’s the fallen apple spitter with a scissor kick!!! Scissor kick from Booker, Carlito is down and out here, rolling helplessly across the ring. Cover from Booker T. The fans are on their feet here. 1-2-3! It’s all over!! BUT NO!! CARLITO HAD HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!! THIS ONE IS FAR FROM OVER!!

The fans boo but Booker knows Carlito has survived for a little while longer at least as Booker takes a moment or two to gather his thoughts before heading back at Lito. Booker brings him upright but Carlito shoves Booker away and shoves him right into the referee! The referee is knocked down and Carlito is back in the mix again now.

Booker realises the ref is down here and looks on before turning around and turning right into a low blow from the dastardly Carlito. The fans give strong heat for this now as Booker is felled and Carlito is now primed, he looks ready to strike here. Lito looks on at Booker who is ready to get back to his feet now. Carlito is looking to hit the backstabber but there’s soon a chorus of cheers and out of the corner of his eye, Carlito sees RHYNO!! RHYNO IS IN THE RING!! ATTACKED BY LITO EARLIER ON TONIGHT!! PAYBACK!! CARLITO TURNS AROUND, GORE!! NO!! RHYNO CHARGES AT LITO WHO SEES IT COMING!! GORE TO BOOKER T!!

Rhyno has inadvertently gored Booker T here. Carlito grabs Rhyno from behind, backstabber!! Backstabber to Rhyno!! Lito tosses Rhyno out the ring. The referee is back up, slightly dazed but Carlito covers Booker. 1-2-3, Carlito has stolen one!!

Winner: Carlito(13:56)

Michael Cole: DAMN IT!! Booker T can’t catch a break Tazz. Rhyno came out, tryin’ to help his friend, tryin’ to get payback for Carlito’s assault earlier on tonight and he gored Booker in half, Carlito saw it coming.

Tazz: You gotta feel for Booker T Cole. The winless run continues and so does Carlito’s hot streak. Props to Carlito man, big win for him here tonight. But Rhyno, wow, I dunno how he’s gonna explain this one to Booker T.

We then see a shot of a dejected Booker T, holding his stomach, looking at a fallen Rhyno on the outside. Booker mouths ‘What da hell you doin?’ as Rhyno mouths ‘I’m sorry.’

We cut backstage where we see the WWE champion walking through the halls, greeted with a big pop from the crowd as Josh Matthews tracks Cena down from behind and looks ready to question the champ ahead of his big match momentarily.

Matthews: John, can we just get a moment of your time quickly?

Cena: Sure Josh, shoot.

Matthews: In just a matter of moments you go into what is the biggest match up of your career thus far when you defend your WWE title in a Last man Standing match against JBL, how are you feeling going into tonight‘s match?

Cena: I’m feelin’ good Josh. I know what I’m in for tonight and it’s gonna be a heck of an ask but this is what I aim for. I aim to get to nights like tonight, to nights like Wrestlemania where I get to go out there in the middle of that ring and prove myself to the world.

Pop for Cena

Cena: At Wrestlemania I did exactly that. I proved myself to a whole heck of a lot of people who didn’t think I had it in me. JBL was one of em. I’ve got my critics out there, who hasn’t? But at Wrestlemania I believe I silenced a lot of those critics. Tonight, I hope to silence a few more.

Another cheer for Cena

Cena: Last Man Standing, it’s gonna be brutal, we all know that. This is JBL territory. I’m sure he’s told ya that all night long Josh. He’s been there, seen it, done it but tonight that don’t count for a damn thing.

A more intense Cena now

Cena: Me and JBL, we’ve had our issues for a while now Josh and I don’t think I need to tell you just how badly I wanna go out there tonight and I wanna make him suffer. I wanna see that loud mouth, Texan Millionaire, ‘Wrestling Gawwwwwd get what’s comin’ to him tonight and that is the beating of a lifetime at the hands of John Cena.

A small ‘Cena’ chant begins

Cena:I promise ya Josh, I prove myself tonight once again to the world. I’m walking into this thing tonight as the WWE champion and I’m walking out of this thing tonight STILL the WWE champion.

Cena heads off to a pop as we get set for our main event


Out comes JBL to huge heat in his trademark white limo, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Michael Cole: It was at Wrestlemania when the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history was finally stopped at the hands of John Cena. Since Wrestlemania, JBL has been relentless in getting back what he claims is rightfully his. Tonight he gets that opportunity.

Tazz: Major night for JBL Cole. The Wrestlin’ God believes it was a fluke at Mania, tonight is his chance to right a wrong baby. To quote good ol’ J.R, This one is gonna be a slobber knocker!

‘My Time is Now’

Out comes the champion John Cena to a major pop from the Target Center crowd.

Michael Cole: The last couple of months have been a hell of a ride for this young man, John Cena. At Wrestlemania he fulfilled a lifelong dream when he toppled JBL and became the WWE champion but tonight is a whole different story as John Cena steps into the environment that is, Last Man Standing.

Tazz: Damn right Cole. Cena’s got it all but until you’ve been in there, until you’ve been through the battlefields of summin like this tonight, you don’t know whether you can really do it or not. Tonight we’re gonna learn a lot about John Cena when it’s all on the line.

WWE Championship: Last Man Standing Match

John Cena© vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The two men lock up as soon as the bell rings, the intensity in both men there for all to see. Cena drives JBL back towards the corner, using all his freakish strength to full effect as the two men break free from one another. Cena delivers the first shot, taking it to Layfield who looks to retaliate. The two begin to trade blows heading back towards the centre of the ring with Cena looking like he’s getting the early advantage. JBL stumbles back as Cena now hit’s a flurry of punches before whipping JBL across the ring. JBL comes right back at Cena who takes down the number one contender with a big shoulder block. The crowd get right behind the WWE champion who is now in early control here.

Cena immediately brings JBL to his feet and drags JBL towards the corner of the ring before pounding his head against the turnbuckle. JBL falls back towards Cena, who goes to pound his head again on the turnbuckle but this time JBL manages to use all his strength to keep away and instead elbows Cena in the gut before clubbing Cena’s back with two or three hard shots of his own.

Layfield now begins to show signs of his usual cockiness, smiling at being in the driver’s seat now. The Wrestling God is the first man to exit the ring as he heads over towards Tony Chimel at ringside and grabs a steel chair. The first sign of intent being laid down now by JBL.

Cena is slowly getting back to his feet whilst JBL returns to the ring. JBL puts the chair to one side at first, instead opting to knock Cena back down with a big right hand. Layfield then gets on top of Cena and begins to hammer away at the skull of the champion, a series of punches keeping the champion down but JBL refuses to let the referee count yet with Tazz saying on commentary that JBL ‘wants to inflict as much punishment as he can on Cena.’

Layfield does his typical wide arm pose to the fans, soaking in the heat as Cena shakes his head, seemingly dazed at the shots from his opponent. JBL goes over to the chair and picks it up, walks back over to Cena who is slowly returning to his knees now and JBL leathers Cena over the back with the chair!! A few ooohs in the crowd as Layfield continues to assault the champion, striking Cena across the back multiple times with the chair, leaving Cena’s back red raw as Layfield asks for a count to begin.

Referee Mike Chioda begins a count with JBL looking a lot more serious now. Chioda is up to 3 as JBL demands he count quicker. Cena is holding his back in agony but is using the ropes to drag himself to his feet. Chioda gets to a count of 6 before Cena is back on his feet, albeit delicately, still holding onto the ropes. JBL is angry and charges at the champ, but Cena ducks it and again uses the ropes to his advantage, sending the number one contender flying over the top rope and down to the mat, buying himself some time to recover as JBL is now the one down.

Cena doesn’t want the count though, knowing that JBL won’t be kept down from just that and the champion heads through the ropes to the outside. JBL is crawling on his knees as Cena grabs him by the neck and brings him upright before Cena hurls the challenger into the steel steps!! Brutal shot from Cena, almost knocking JBL’s shoulder out of place, the impact of the collision was huge!!

JBL holds his shoulder, looking in a lot of discomfort as Cena roars to the crowd, getting a good pop as the referee begins a count. JBL makes it back to his feet by the count of 6 as Cena heads right back at his rival, hitting some hard shots on a retreating JBL who is backing his way round the ring. Cena eventually sends JBL down, perhaps due to the number one contender losing his balance. JBL again tries to crawl away from Cena but the champion is in no mood for messing around as Cena brings JBL to his feet and whips JBL into the barricade!! Again some huge impact on the shoulder of JBL, almost going through the barricade into the fans.

This one is just a straight up fight between the two superstars as Cena refuses the offer of a count and heads right back to work on JBL. Cena jumps the barricade into the fans section, greeted with huge cheers as JBL remains the other side. Cena does his typical ‘You can’t see me’ to JBL before grabbing him by the neck and smashing JBL’s face into the barricade. JBL falls backwards immediately, looking knocked out from the vicious shot from Cena.

Cena then hops on to the top of the barricade, posing for the fans as JBL steadily returns to his feet, looking exhausted already before turning around straight into a flying John Cena!! Cena jumps off the top, looking for an elbow it seemed but JBL caught him!! Layfield catches Cena with a shot to the gut before laying the champion out with a clothesline from hell!! Layfield takes himself down in the process. Both men now down and out as Mike Chioda opts to start a count.






JBL slowly makes his way back up, on his knees at this point, Cena is arising also, trying to get to his knees.


JBL is now back to his feet, Cena his knees.



Cena is now just about up to his feet as JBL goes straight at Cena, slugging it out with each other. JBL lands the first shot but Cena retaliates. They both trade blows some more before JBL as snake like as ever, connects with a thunderous low blow, kicking Cena right where it hurts, sending the champion crumbling down to his knees. JBL then continues the pressure, tossing Cena into the ringpost, face first goes the champion who rebounds straight into a big boot from JBL. The number one contender is now picking up some momentum.

The grin returns to JBL’s face as he shouts at Cena that ‘ You are a fluke son, the title is comin’ home.’ JBL allows himself a small breather before dragging Cena across to the announce table. The crowd are anticipating the usual shenanigans that occur when the announce table’s involved and JBL does just that. The number one contender grabs the fallen Cena by the head and smashes his skull against the announce table repeatedly. Michael Cole and Tazz are on their feet, looking to head out of trouble as JBL tosses a monitor off the table.

The other monitor JBL decides to use as a weapon and as Cena makes his way very gingerly to his feet, JBL is primed, stalking the champion from behind, poised to strike. BAM!! JBL takes down Cena with a vicious shot to the skull, sending Cena to the floor yet again as JBL demands a count be made, throwing his arms in the air as though this one is over.






Still no sign of Cena returning to his feet here



Cena is slowly up to his knees but shaky, can he get back up in time?



As Mike Chioda counts to 9 Cena is just about up and ready to go again. JBL can’t believe it and charges at Cena but Cena grabs him, Cena hoists JBL up! FU!!! FU THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! JBL IS OUT OF IT!!

The fans are on their feet as cena, seemingly out of it has hit an FU from nowhere through the announce table. JBL is laid out as Cena falls to the floor also, not looking like he knows what just happened. Mike Chioda once again begins a count.







Cena is back up and heads up to the ring, looking to use the ropes to hold him up. JBL is showing some signs of life now, using the barricade to try and bring him to his knees.



JBL is to his knees but can’t seem to find it in him to get back up to his feet.


JBL just JUST makes it to his feet in time, eventually grabbing onto Michael Cole to keep himself from falling again. Cena can’t believe it inside the ring and hops down from the apron, ready to go right back after the challenger. JBL seems in no mood for this battle now though and pleads with Cena to stop and give him a breather. Fat chance of that happening.

Cena laughs it off and strikes at JBL, knocking him backwards before grabbing the number one contender and heading towards the ring with him it looks like. Cena does just that and rolls JBL into the ring, the chair from JBL’s earlier assault is still in the ring and Cena looks to it. The champion takes the chair and drills JBL in the stomach with it. JBL looks completely winded but Cena hits him with another one and another before leathering JBL across the skull with it and roaring to the crowd!!

The Minneapolis faithful cheer Cena loudly as JBL is down and out of it for the second time in a matter of minutes. Mike Chioda begins another count.







JBL is holding his head like crazy but is somehow showing signs of looking like making a recovery. Cena senses that and instead of letting the count continue he brings JBL up himself and looks to keep his pressure on. Cena goes for another shot at JBL but the number one contender gets Cena with a thumb to the eye sending Cenato spin round, not able to see where he is momentarily as JBL grabs Cena from behind and hits him with a belly to back toss almost, hurling Cena across the ring, allowing him some time to recuperate and denting Cena’s momentum.

JBL crawls across the ring towards Cena before grabbing Cena by the hair and shouting ‘Stay down John, it’s for your own damn good kid’ before locking Cena into a sleeper hold. JBL is trying to make the champion pass out here. Tazz comments that it’s good strategy from the former WWE champion as the crowd try with all their might to will Cena out of the hold but the leader of the Chain Gang looks like he’s struggling to wriggle free.

JBL has the hold firmly locked in, applying more and more pressure by the second it seems. Cena’s face has turned bright red as he reaches out, looking for something to help him out of this predicament. Somehow, someway Cena uses every ounce of strength he possesses and manages to get to one knee. JBL looks frustrated and perhaps loosened the grip slightly in anger as Cena manages to stand up now and break slowly, very slowly out of the sleeper hold.

The crowd break into a frenzy as Cena is loose and the two men once again go straight for each others throats, hammering away at each other. Cena though then goes for a different route and kicks Layfield in the gut before hammering JBL with a massive DDT, sending the Wrestling God face first into the mat.

Cena then surprisingly heads to the top rope. Not a typical Cena esque move here and some of the fans are surprised at what they’re seeing. JBL is flat out on his back, what’s Cena gonna attempt here? The crowd cheer again as Cena looks around and points round the arena. Cena flies from the top and connects with a leg drop!!! Leg drop from the top to JBL and the challenger again looks out of it. The count begins.








JBL is stirring and uses the corner of the ring to bring himself upright. The crowd boo as Layfield stays in this thing. JBL pleads with Cena, motioning for a time out as Cena just laughs at his enemy. But as always the clever JBL buys himself some time before slapping Cena to some major ooooohs in the crowd. Cena laughs before turning majorly serious and viciously charging at JBL but the challenger hightails it under the bottom rope and to the outside. Cena is in high pursuit though!!

JBL trots around the ring and up towards the ramp, desperate to get away from Cena but the champion is following his every move. Layfield heads towards the back and goes behind the curtain, Cena still following him but before the camera can head to the back we return to the ramp as Cena is knocked down and looking knocked out by JBL. Layfield returned from behind the curtain and has smashed Cena over the skull. As the camera zooms in we see that JBL is wearing brass knucks and has in no uncertain terms knocked Cena out it seems.

Michael Cole is in outrage and wonders where Layfield got the knucks from. Tazz implies that it was Orlando Jordan but the main question now is, will Cena make the count of ten? JBL demands that Mike Chioda make the count.





Cena is still looking lifeless as JBL rests up a bit further down, leaning against the barricade.



Cena begins to stir



JBL can’t believe it as Cena is almost back to his feet. JBL goes after Cena again but Cena sees it coming and hit’s a drop toe hold to the challeneger!! JBL goes face first onto the steel ramp. Cena is seething and bashes JBL’s skull repeatedly against the steel ramp. JBL is busted open!! We see a close up shot of blood pouring from the head of JBL here as Cena still looks absolutely relentless.

JBL is spread out across the ramp as Cena takes his foot off the gas and asks Chioda to make the count.






JBL is realising the blood pouring down his face as he tries to sit up and looks like a man beaten.




But not yet. JBL rises to his feet groggily and turns round right into the waiting John Cena. Cena lifts JBL onto his shoulders. He’s gonna FU him on the ramp!! Cena goes for it but JBL with elbows to the temple of Cena. Cena is now bent down and JBL makes the most of it, hitting a side Russian leg sweep onto the ramp, crashing Cena’s skull on the steel. The sound of the steel was clear for all to hear as the champion is now the man down. JBL heads back down the ramp still looking worse for wear, wiping the blood from his forehead as he goes down and grabs a trash can from underneath the ring.

Layfield makes his way up towards Cena and brings his arch enemy to his feet. Cena looks like he’s gonna fall at any minute and BAM!! Cena is down once more as JBL absolutely hammers the trash can across the skull of Cena before asking for the count. Layfield thinks this war is over.








Cena is responding though, the fight in the champion was never in doubt and Cena is back to his feet shockingly at a 7 count. JBL shakes his head and shouts ‘Lay down Cena, just lay down.’

JBL is now getting frustrated and grabs Cena, leading him towards the stage before hurling Cena at the titantron. Cena goes face first into the titantron, rebounding into the path of Layfield again, who once again smashes Cena into the titantron, the crowd start a chant of ‘Cena Cena’ but the champion is looking like he’s deflated.

JBL tells Mike Chioda to count to ten and do it now, the referee proceeds.






Cena is to his knees already, infuriating Layfield who simple charges at Cena and knees him in the head, brutal impact as Layfield breaks the count but demands Chioda restart it.







Cena is again looking like he’s stirring and JBL loses it completely, tells Chioda to stop and says he’ll finish this once and for all now. Layfield goes for another knee to the skull but this time Cena ducks it. JBL turns around and Cena takes JBL out with a big shoulder tackle!! Layfield goes flying and now Cena is in control. This topsy turvy contest takes another twist as the champion builds momentum. Cena is poised, waiting for JBL to return to his grasp. JBL turns around and Cena goes for a clothesline, JBL ducks it, BIG BOOT FROM JBL!! Cena is down again.

Cena is stirring once more, the crowd rally the champion as JBL goes towards the champion. Layfield does his pose but wastes precious time!! Cena hoists JBL up, FU ON THE RAMP!! THAT’S GOTTA DO IT!! CENA HAS JBL BEAT SURELY!!









JBL is getting up to his feet!! Cena can’t believe it and breaks the count himself!! Cena wants to finish the job off properly here. Cena tells JBL he’s been ‘waiting a long time for this.’ Cena gets JBL back on his shoulders, motions to the crowd. A big roar of anticipation goes up as Cena heads to the edge of the stage now!! Cena is poised!! FU OFF THE STAGE!! CENA HAS DISPOSED OF JBL!! THIS ONE HAS GOTTA BE OVER!!











It’s all over at last!! Cena retains!!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: John Cena (29:49)

Michael Cole: It’s all over!! John Cena has retained the WWE championship!! An amazing performance from John Cena here tonight at Judgment Day!! JBL, a bloodied and battered JBL has been shut up once and for all here tonight in Minneapolis!!

Tazz: I am stunned Cole. That is one heck of a performance from this kid John Cena. I thought JBL had him beat time after time but man oh man what a match.

Michael Cole: Tonight could very well be the defining night in that young man’s career. Tonight John Cena retained his WWE title. Tonight John Cena was the Last…Man…Standing.
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