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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

Monday Night Raw Preview
July 8th 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Raw this week is live at Colorado Springs, Colorado and as we draw ever closer to Vengeance just another week away many questions are left unanswered, many that may be answered here tonight and some more questions may be asked. With Vengeance just around the corner things are bound to get heated and personal. One story on Raw that has become personal is the Kevin Nash / Triple H / Shawn Michael’s triangle. Shawn returned to Raw a fortnight ago after a four year sabbatical from the WWE, becoming Raw’s new General Manager. Last week Shawn and Triple H tried to reform D-Generation X but things wouldn’t go as planned when Kevin Nash decided to stick his nose into their business, he would confront the Game backstage and tell him things like ‘Shawn hasn’t changed’, ‘he is still the snake he always was’ and ‘what he did to Marty Jannetty and myself will happen to your soon’. Triple H and Kevin Nash would meet in the Main Event of last week’s Raw show where Shawn would try and run down towards the finish and help Triple H out, going to Superkick Kevin Nash however, Nash would move out of the way and Triple H would be struck instead by the kick leaving Triple H at the end of Raw on his stomach on the mat, looking at Shawn up the entrance ramp wondering if he could really trust him or if it was an accident. This week on Raw Shawn will open the show and will address his actions to Triple H and to the rest of the world, wanting to clear things up and to make things right. How will things pan out for Shawn? What will Triple H have to say in all of this and will Kevin Nash make an appearance?

Another feud that has become heated is the one between Kurt Angle and the Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker. This feud has transcended over both brands, Raw and SmackDown where last Thursday the Undertaker laid Kurt out after a chokeslam which had him lose the United States title to Edge. Last week on Raw Kurt came through the crowd and made his presence felt by attacking the Undertaker during his match, knocking him over and having him tap out to the Ankle Lock. Kurt is going to be here on Raw this week as will the Undertaker but how will things go down? And if things get physical again who will gain the upper hand and the ever so important momentum as their PPV match draws closer.

Kane last week made his return to Raw from injury by answering the Big Show’s call. Show after destroying Steven Richards claimed that there is no competition for him on Raw anymore and that no one can stand up to him. Kane will make his return to the squared circle, having his first match in months in a tag team match where he and Jeff Hardy take on Matt Hardy and the Big Show.

Speaking of the Hardy brothers, Matt Hardy and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy were in a tag team match last week which they won, however the celebration was cut short when Matt Hardy struck his brother Jeff. Matt made it clear that he wanted the Intercontinental title. This week Matt will explain his actions and why he did what he did.

Also last week we were treated to a video package hyping up the debut of two promising young superstars- Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. This week Jim Ross looks to conduct a sit down interview with the two and get some insight on them, when they are going to debut and what sort of impact they plan to have in the WWE upon their arrival.


Confirmed for Raw


Shawn Michael’s opens the show and tries to sort things out between him and Triple H

Jim Ross interviews Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin about their debut

2002 King of the Ring winner, Brock Lesnar alongside Paul Heyman takes on Raven

Big Show & Matt Hardy take on Kane and Jeff Hardy in Kane’s first match in months

Plus SmackDown’s Kurt Angle is in the building

All this and more.

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